Candace Owens Crushes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for ‘Faking Her Own Attempted Murder’

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Candace Owens is in the upper 1% of Twitter accounts that truly obliterate opponents. Just look at what she did to LeBron James and Harry Styles.

Last night, Owens called out claims from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — calling her “AOC” is “disrespectful” but buy her $65 “AOC” shirts now  — that Ted Cruz and others almost had her murdered during the US Capitol riot. Like out of a line from the film Gone Girl, Owens said that Ocasio-Cortez faking her own attempted murder was her next logical step:

Since Ocasio-Cortez said she “did not know if [she] was going to make it to the end of that day alive,” critics have claimed she fabricated the story, saying she wasn’t in the Capitol building during the riot.

Owens didn’t let up. Here are more highlights from the Twitter slaying (that’s what people call it when Ocasio-Cortez tweets, right?).

A reasonable point there. I hear Denzel Washington was fantastic in The Little Things.

This one came in the form of a retweet:

Ocasio-Cortez uses her platforms to — again — “slay” but refused to debate Ben Shapiro, by claiming, with no evidence, he had bad intentions. Seems weak.

There are only two ways to look at this. Fans of Twitter fighting, and there are many, enjoyed the ride and are scoring it at home. Those who only want positivity online are likely more impressed with Paige VanZant’s new premium website to give her fans the exclusive content they’ve long been asking for.

Either way, Candace Owens on Twitter is Jaime Lannister before he lost the hand.

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  1. That broad from new york is about as dumb as they come can you imagine living in the district who elected her must be a total disaster with an abundance of really stupid people but then again new york isn’t known for electing smart common sense people

  2. More power to Candance (especially since Twitter hasn’t gone banhammer on her yet). AOC is a professional activist/actress/instigator who just happened to get elected to Congress. Treat it as you may but she does in theory have more say than most people.

    At the very least I haven’t seen any resignation papers from Ted Cruz.

  3. AOC represents 200% what’s wrong with some millennials: addicted to fake outrage, narcissism, emotion driven thinking, total lack of awareness of their flaws and lack of knowledge, and sense of entitlement.

  4. I haven’t seen it but’s been reported there is a tearful video she made about how her staff hid her in a bathroom or closet in her office and that the mob was actually in her office. If she did do this their should be repercussions for a member of congress to outright lie like this.

  5. Can Candace Owens please run for office so I can vote for her? She’s not only hot, but smart. Even if the demoncrats stuff the ballot box again with fake votes against her, I still want the satisfaction of voting for Candace.

  6. I can’t think of enough superlatives for Candace. Newsmax should offer her a show. Whitlock and Owens would be a dynamite duo. AOC was probably a good bartender and her constant attempts at acting show promise, but she is a Congressional nightmare. The combo of her radical ideology along with her mini-intellect is scary.

  7. AOC is not stupid. Don’t confuse someone being unsophisticated with being dumb. She understands that trending on Twitter brings her attention which is the ultimate goal, whether it is negative or positive. For someone to be truly polarizing they need intense opposition for their base to despise and fight against, not unlike the MAGA movement. The way she dresses, the way she talks, and the narrative she pushes is all fodder for the people that love her, and the people that hate her. That playbook actually got someone elected president. Now I’m not sure if that’s her goal, but I’m guessing her end game is not world peace and a green planet. But our unhealthy addiction to social media and mindless drama has created this.

  8. What amazes me is the NY kid who grew up working blue collar as a bartender and a waitress in NY and Boston, She was afraid for her life. You would think she was a tougher person for accomplishing all that she has with the odds against her.

    • She didn’t grow up on some mean streets. Her mom moved to Florida to avoid taxes. That may not be rich, but it isn’t poor. She was only bartending because all she did was get coddled and go to school. Then, with no real intention of earning a living or becoming an adult, got some bartending gig. She moved to that district just to run for office. And all she had to do was surprise some ‘been there so long he forgot to put effort into the primary’ moron.

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