Cancel Culture: What Will Be Next?

It’s getting wild in America. Mr. Potato Head almost got a gender-neutral makeover, Dr. Seuss is still getting canceled, and Disney is, well, Disney.

The only question is: who/what is next? We asked our OutKick readers and received some great picks/warnings.

Here we go:

Those seem like locks, no?

Just “Family” could work. Or “Family People.”

Yes, both will soon be gone. Out of here.

By next week?


OutKick’s Joe is all over it. He even wrote about it.

What do you think, guys?

That could hurt.

At this point…

I mean, who am I to question?

These are fantastic.

OutKick readers, comment below: what’s next?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I honestly could not believe the song “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” was not cancelled in December 2020. You know, because Mother Nature (maybe we need a gender-neutral name for her too?) is racist with her snow and what not.

  2. I mean at this point isn’t America itself being cancelled, could you imagine if a draft were ever to be imposed to enlist people to fight for our country, I think we would just let whoever it is take over.

    • Agreed. The little, baby, pussy millennials would shit their pants if called upon to defend this country. Whenever I watch WW 2 historical film clips and see 18 year old kids storming Normandy and Omaha Beaches it demonstrates to me how sissified our young men have become. Sure they were scared but they did it anyway. True definition of courage.

    • The modern day barbarians in the ME and Asia are laughing their asses off at the pathetic leftists running our country and the infantile Marxists educating our young, just waiting for the day they can takeover without firing a shot.

  3. Once Robert Kraft sells the team, the Patriots will get a name change. Too much association with the founding fathers and conservatives. Eventually, all-male sports leagues will be cancelled, pressured to accept females, with league mandated roster spot quotas coming later. Race & gender quotas will also come to NASCAR, MLB & the NHL. It sounds ludicrous, as sports are the one area where merit & performance metrics are so clear cut. But it’s coming, as the idiot gender & racial bean-counters get emboldened. BTW, race quotas will only apply to “historical minorities”, thus no white guy quotas in the NBA.

  4. They’ll keep going after sports teams in areas where the local population will cave with enough pressure. So Texas is safe, along with any teams that have an established enough brand, like the Celtics.

    So a weak team in a liberal area with no history…ladies and gentlemen, the San Diego Padres.

    All that horrible destruction and death wrought by those evil missionaries on the saintly indigenous peoples? I’m surprised it’s not changed already.

  5. Thought of Curious George the second the Dr Seuss idiocy started. Watched “Goldfinger” last night – the left will try to cancel Bond as they will label him a misogynist who forced himself on women.

    Family Guy gay gene episode is hilarious but soon to vanish.

  6. The first 4 seasons of MASH. Season 1 had a black doctor named “Spearchucker” Jones. Klinger crossdressed as a means to show he was insane. Both Trapper and Col. Blake kissed Hot Lips (?!) without her consent (and she liked it both times). General Steele (played by Harry Morgan, who would return as Col. Potter) wanted a black serviceman to sing a song and dance for him.

    All of the above was funny, of course, but humor is verboten in today’s America.

  7. Sanford And Son? The Jeffersons? All In The family? Those may already be cancelled I don’t know.

    I went back and watched Sanford and Son series about a decade ago. It holds up well and the humor is still funny and perhaps more edgy now than it was then. Same with All in the family. That era has to be the gold standard for sitcoms

    • yea, those classics do hold up…interesting point i read above about buying all these DVDs before they get cancelled, because digital cancellation is a little trickier

    • Creators who are too frightened to piss off their peers and their PC overlords are no longer creators, they are cowards. I understand a poor novice with a new show being cautious, but a long-running show toning it down is pathetic.

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