Cancel Culture: Twitter Banned Me For Threatening IBM Watson

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Long story short, Twitter gave me a body blow Thursday morning and removed my blue check mark. Later Thursday night it followed with an uppercut to the kisser by permanently banning my account.

Initially, I wasn’t sure why Twitter red-carded me. Honestly, it could’ve been a number of things. I’ve been aggressively critical of Twitter owner, Elon Musk (to put it mildly) and his decision to charge money for Twitter’s blue check marks.

Cellphone screenshot from Geoff Clark getting notified he's "permanently suspended" from Twitter.
Cellphone screenshot from Geoff Clark getting notified he’s “permanently suspended” from Twitter.

I’ve also used explicit language targeted at the NBA recently. In fact, coincidently, I was in the middle of ripping the NBA Thursday for its pathetic 2022-23 regular season that has carried into the playoffs when I found out about the ban.

However, the Twitter police didn’t come for me in protection of their new overlord, Elon, or that ghoul who works as the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver. Instead, security, which is most likely some sort of bot or algorithm, was just protecting their own.

Screenshot of the email Twitter sent to Geoff Clark explaining why he was banned from the app.

God dammit, they caught me dead to rights. Of all the stupid things I’ve said in my 12-ish years on that garbage app, this is how they get me? Because of punk a** IBM Watson?

For those of you that don’t know, IBM Watson is moving in on Jim Nantz’s turf. The Masters Tournament 2023 launched new AI commentary earlier this month and it sounded creepy AF.

While I’ve never actually read the rules and policies for Twitter, I would’ve guessed they look down on threatening violence on their app. My only pushback is, in my opinion, this policy should only apply to humans, not machines.

SOMEONE MURDER @IBMWatson. These machines are going to take over the planet.

Geoff Clark via Twitter

Backstory on my hatred of AI

Warning: This article will get weirder. I’m going to end up sounding like Sarah Conner in Terminator 2. Sigh. Here we go …

I hate machines and I’m scared they will replace us in the workforce and eventually take over the world. Computers, cars and calculators are one thing but AI should be off limits.

At first, we’ll be all like “Oh, machines are just going to make lives easier”. Shortly after, AI will realize we stupid humans are the problem in this world and try to “fix the glitch”. Look, even the owner of Twitter feels me.

Yet, this tool bans me? We’re speaking the same language, Mr. Musk. Obviously, this is more of Elon’s lane but we both agree that these mad scientists need to slow their roll on developing AI.

Let me step in before you rebut with “Well, the machines will only do the jobs humans don’t want.” Wrong. And you’re stupid if you think that.

Here’s documented examples of AI trying to do cool stuff that should be reserved to humans, courtesy of my esteemed OutKick colleagues:

Also, I’m consistent with my hatred of machines. My hobbies and profession is sports. With that in mind, I can confidently say the WORST thing to ever happen to professional sports entertainment is instant replay officiating.

The officials’ decision to review a play inside of the final two minutes of an NFL game: Ban it. Automatic strike zone in the MLB: Fart. The NBA reviewing for a flagrant 1 or 2 foul: Middle-finger emoji.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks the powers that be are grooming us for the age of AI and automation with sports. This isn’t a new stance for me either.

Since instant replay officiating came on the scene, I’ve wanted it gone. But, it was just a matter of time before the machines would silence me. With IBM Watson, I went too far.

(As of Friday, April 21st at 4 a.m. ET, all appeals for reinstatement have been denied by Twitter).

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Written by Geoff Clark

Geoff Clark serves as OutKick’s sports betting guru. As a writer and host of OutKick Bets with Geoff Clark, he dives deep into the sports betting landscape and welcomes an array of sports betting personalities on his show to handicap America’s biggest sporting events.

Previously, Clark was a writer/podcaster for USA TODAY's Sportsbook Wire website, handicapping all the major sports tentpoles with a major focus on the NFL, NBA and MLB.

Clark graduated from St. John University.

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