Canadian Politician Roasted For Watching His Wife Shovel Snow After Her Hospital Shift

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Canadian politician Jon Reyes made it perfectly clear Saturday morning that he doesn’t wear the pants in his own house. The member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba got up Saturday morning and snapped a photo of his wife, Cynthia, shoveling their driveway and bragged that she was shoveling after a 12-hour nursing shift at a local hospital.

It didn’t take long before the social media warriors to have Reyes by the balls for not throwing on his boots to help Cynthia clear the driveway. It didn’t help Jon’s cause that he tweeted early Saturday morning that he stayed up late to watch an ATP Cup tennis match.

Jon probably should’ve expanded his shoveling tweet to include something like, “this is how my wife relieves stress, she shovels snow for an hour and then I make sure she has a Filipino breakfast.”

Or maybe she shovels it because Jon’s too lazy to get off his ass and shovel it because he’s exhausted from a night of watching tennis. We’ve been left hanging because Jon hasn’t filled in the blanks. He’s back to tweeting about tennis as if Saturday morning’s snow incident didn’t happen.

If Jon does decide to look at the comments on the photo of his wife shoveling, he’s in for a big surprise.

She only did it because you didn’t do it in her absence. I’m sure she was right pissed rolling up to the house after a 12hr day seeing it was not done. Decided to rage shovel. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she was too exhausted to eat your breakfast and went straight to bed,” one woman wrote.

Did she fix ye a drink before she started shoveling? I never let my wife start snow shoveling till she fixes me a proper Saturday drink,” another Twitter user wrote.

Finally, a brutal kill shot tweet for Jon to lay his eyes on.

“Your wife’s boyfriend is going to be hearing all about this,” a troll fired off to Jon.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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