Cam Smith Re-Watches His Australian PGA Championship Win With His Mates At A Pub In All-Time Video

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Cam Smith returned to his home country of Australia this past weekend to win the Australian PGA Championship for the third time in his career. To celebrate, he hit up an Aussie pub with his mates and got to re-live his victory in incredible fashion.

In a packed bar inside the Breakfast Creek Hotel, which isn’t far from the golf course he grew up on, Smith celebrated by watching a replay of his win on the television above the bar.

Re-watching yourself win one of your home country’s marquee events for a third time while housing pints with all your friends is an absolutely elite celebration. It’s also incredibly on-brand to see the Aussie with a mullet celebrating a victory inside of a tiny pub.


I’m sure there will be a few losers out there who will find Smith’s celebration arrogant, but if we’re being honest, this could be one of the greatest celebrations in the history of golf.

It’s worth noting that Smith’s trip to play in this year’s Australian PGA was his first visit home in three years.

Celebrating a win by having a rowdy night inside a local pub you’ve undoubtedly had a share of late nights in is an awesome, full-circle moment.

Smith is also playing in this week’s Australian Open and is the best player in the field by a wide margin. Hopefully we get another great celebratory video from inside a pub if Smith were able to find the winner’s circle yet again.

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