Callie Bundy In Training Camp, Taylor Cusack’s Punch Out Game & Bob Uecker Cutout In Last Row

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Busy morning around here with President Trump calling into Clay’s show, but…

…I wouldn’t forget about you guys and the Screencaps. It’s what you guys wake up with in the morning and what you’re looking at while in line at Starbucks. In case you guys missed the interview, we’ll have all the clips coming up over the next hour or so.

In other news, you know college football being canceled would cause financial chaos in towns where college football is life, but now we have word out of Vegas as to what it would mean for sportsbooks. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a report out this morning on the financial loss if the college game is axed.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board doesn’t separate college football and NFL betting numbers. But GCB senior research analyst Michael Lawton said in an email that “we have been told anecdotally that college football wagers account for approximately 40 percent of total football write.”

Using that barometer and last year’s numbers, that would mean the state’s books would miss out on about $50 million in profits if college football was canceled.

With that said, let’s get to Screencaps.

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  1. I hope the MLB gets more creative with covering the cardboard cutouts. I would like to see them do slo-mo replays of foul balls hitting them. Also, MLB should offer people to set up a webcam on their cardboard cutouts, and have this available to replay during the broadcast.

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