California Wackos Say 30-Year-Old Rock Sculpture Looks Like A Penis, Is Offensive & Should Be Removed From County Building

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If a group of California Biden-Kamala-Newsom-Trump-hating-penis-hating-BLM-LGBTQ++ supporters gets their wish, a rock sculpture they say looks like a penis won’t be standing at attention outside a county building much longer.

Hollister, California resident Cheryl Von Booth knows a fully erect rock penis when she sees one. “An 8-foot stone sculpture that just happens to look like a penis, I will not tolerate that message from my county government,” the rock-hard penis-hating Booth told a KSBW reporter.

After a minor investigation into this whole rock statue ordeal outside the San Benito County Board of Supervisors, it appears Von Booth and her partner Catherine have been on a penis-removal journey for a number of years.

Why give up so much of life focusing on tearing down a rock sculpture that’s been standing since 1993 and was the work of Richard Deutsch, who has one piece of his art in the Smithsonian? It’s not like we’re talking about some horny frat boy who made a snow dong in front of the county building to piss off Catherine and Cheryl.

Deutsch says his inspiration in 1993 came from Pinnacles National Monument, which is a 30-mile drive south of Hollister. “So, what I did was I chose some of the formations as being the center point for the project in front of your county building,” Deutsch told the county board of supervisors.

Seems like a logical decision on why the rocks are stacked like what you see in front of the government building.

Ah, but these broads ARE NOT in the mood for Richard’s explanations.

That is a giant PENIS and it MUST GO.

Elia Salinas says she’s triggered by the dong sculpture. / KSBW

“This is a phallic symbol, and it’s very uncomfortable to walk into this building. Not every woman in this building apparently sees it that way, but there are some that feel offended to walk to the building for having us phallic symbol,” failed San Benito County Board of Supervisors candidate Elia Salinas told KSBW.

I’ll let you guess which political campaign the Booth ladies worked on. You guessed it! They worked on the Salinas’ campaign!

Let’s take a quick look at Elia Salinas’ bio over on Linkedin:

Let’s face it, folks, this isn’t about granite looking like something dumped out of Peter North’s pants. This is all about professional agitation and being a pain in the ass to be a pain in the ass. It’s a way to stick it to the biological males.

And now you have people like county supervisor Mindy Sotelo falling in line with these insane idiots.

“I just don’t know if in front of our county building this statue makes much sense in some ways it’s a bit tasteless,” Sotelo says.

If you think this is isolated to California, wackos like these people are scattered all over the United States. Take here in Perrysburg, Ohio where the city water tower was questioned because it had black silhouettes. Yes, the silhouettes were painted a lighter shade because a very small number of people on Facebook claimed there was a joke going around on the social media app that the only black people residing in Perrysburg were on the water tower.

San Benito supervisors voted 3-2 to “develop a committee to look further” into removing the penis statue.

Three women voted ‘yes’ to the committee. The two men voted ‘no.’ Now a committee will decide whether to move the art or…place a plaque in front of it to explain that it’s not a penis.

I’m not kidding.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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