California Still Hasn’t Begun A High School Football Season

In real life, we’re almost to the Super Bowl. But in California, they haven’t even started high school football season.

And no one would mistake California for real life.

Despite all the restrictions and lockdowns, the COVID-19 virus continues to surge in California. You could make the argument that no state has managed things as poorly at the Golden State, and among the results has been the continuous postponement of the high school football season.

Coaches and other supporters of programs are hoping to squeeze in a shortened spring season, even “throwing a Hail Mary to legislators,” according to the San Jose Mercury News.

As it stands, some high school football teams in the state have at least started practice, or some form of practice. But in many cases, the players and coaches are working in pods and required to wear masks, which doesn’t resemble actual football.

“Here’s the dubious situation they find themselves in: Youth football is prohibited until a county has entered the orange reopening tier, meaning fewer than four daily cases per 100,000 residents,” the Mercury News reported. “Even in the Bay Area, the daily rate is currently about 60 new cases per 100,000 residents; Los Angeles County has never exited the purple tier since the system was implemented in the fall.”

In other words, again, California is a mess. And to think no state has tried as hard or set forth stricter guidelines to fight the virus than CA has.

On top of that, most other states have already held their football seasons and moved on to winter sports. In fact, California has even started some winter sports, which makes the suspended football season all the more frustrating.

But what do you expect? California hasn’t been run like other states for some time — and now the kids are suffering because of it.

Written by Sam Amico


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  1. I can’t believe this is Outkick’s first story on this travesty. I tried to get on Whitlock’s Saturday forms to get this the attention it deserves. I paid $99.00 for an Outkick subscription for good commentary and legit stories. I got the good conversations (until Whitlock left) but now where is the legit sports reporting? Here’s a story line for you…Report on the number of kids in the transfer portal, including 5th year “COVID seniors” in D-1/2/3 and NAIA and their impact on the high school athletes in the graduation class of 2021. Or, just link to more photos of Paulina Gretsky…

  2. Couldn’t happen to a better place i am third gen cali and left 12 years ago never going back they keep electing the worse most incompetent people year after year so just suck it up dummies and enjoy the ride.

  3. at some point these blue states have to be held accountable for restricting liberty in their policies.

    not long ago we could travel state to state without papers as in the soviet union. its beginning to look a lot like states are building regulation walls between states and that violates the Constitution in its entirety.

    freely traveling to and settling in another state is a right of citizens. restricting that right by making a state hostile to other US Citizens is … the basis for Federal involvement to correct this. Not under Biden. that dude will see to it that every state is like Chicago after midnight.

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