California Farmer Launches Pickup Trucks Into Levy To Save Farm From Flood As Less Knowledgable Stress Over Pollution

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The state of California has seen unprecedented levels of precipitation in 2023. A state that was completely dried out and void of water amidst historic droughts just two years ago is seeing a revival.

For example:

While rain totals have increased over the last two years, the last six months have been particularly saturated. Parts of California are 200% (or more) over the average for rainfall year to date, and this will likely finish as one of the 10 rainiest years in history— if not even higher on the list.

Rain is good. However, the incessant storms in recent months have created as many issues as they have solved. Especially for agriculture.

Farmers across The Golden State are doing whatever they can to keep their livelihoods in tact. And desperate times often call for desperate measures, as illustrated in the Central Valley earlier this week.

California agriculture is crucial.

Per the U.S. Geological Survey, California’s Central Valley contributes to an estimated 25% of the nation’s food supply. The region’s agricultural output is valued around $17 billion per year.

Needless to say, flooding of the region does not bode well for the farmers, or the consumers.

Thus, when a breach in the Tulare Lake bottom caused waters to rise in the southern part of the San Joaquin Valley, reactive instinct kicked in. Creative solutions were necessary to save the orchard from flooding, no matter the cost.

In one instance, a California farmer faced quite a predicament when his levy broke.

To fix the issue, he launched two pickup trucks full of dirt to dam the opening and try to keep water from reaching his crops. The damage to the trucks was negligible when compared to the devastation of losing an entire field.

Meanwhile, the less knowledgable were concerned with the pollution that the trucks might create. Priorities, right?

In the end, the pickup truck launch was a success.

The orchard was saved.

God bless farmers and American ingenuity!

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