California Allows MLB, Disneyland to Reopen in COVID Restriction Rollbacks

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California will allow people to attend MLB games and go to Disneyland in limited capacities, starting April 1, the state announced Friday.

The announcement of the COVID-19 rule reductions is set to begin the same day as the MLB’s opening day.

The San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics all have home games scheduled for April 1, the Associated Press reports.

As the number of vaccinated individuals is increasing, California’s top public health official Dr. Mark Ghaly said the rates of new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are declining.

“Today’s announcement is focused on building in some of the compelling science about how the virus behaves, and how activities when done a certain way can reduce risk,” Ghaly said.

The state said the announcement only pertains to outdoor activities and attendance for indoor events — including NBA games and concerts — are still prohibited.

Dee Dee Myers, senior advisor to the governor said coming up with rules for indoor events is “much more difficult.”

“We will continue to work on that we’ll come back over the next couple of weeks and try to update this so that we can provide more visibility and a path forward for more businesses,” Myers said.

So, how many people will be allowed to attend the outdoor events?

California divides its counties into four color-coded tiers based on the spread of the virus to determine capacity limitations, the AP reports.

The purple tier is the most restrictive, followed by red, orange and yellow. Attendance limits are based on what tier a county is in.

Outdoor sports are limited to 100 people in the purple tier. Those limits increase to 20% capacity in the red tier, 33% in the orange tier and 67% in the yellow tier.

“Teams can sell tickets regionally in the purple tier and statewide in the other tiers,” the article reads. “No concessions are allowed in the purple tier. In other tiers, concessions will be limited to in-seat purchases.”

Theme parks can open in the red tier at 15% capacity and only people who live in California can buy tickets. Attendance limits increase to 25% in the orange tier and 35% in the yellow tier.

Despite indoor events and sporting games not being permitted, indoor rides are allowed because they are short and allow for proper spacing, the article states.

President of the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union Andrea Zinder said Disneyland employees are “heartened by this good news.”

“They have been furloughed or out of a job for a year now and are excited to go back to work to provide Californians with a bit more magic in their lives,” Zinder said, per the AP.

Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. The ruling class throws the peasants a few crumbs, and the peasant leader is “heartened”. Gavin Newsom is like the super slick salesman who pulls somebody’s shirt off his back, sells it back to him for $100 bucks, and the clueless idiot thanks him for selling him his own shirt.

  2. SO with everything going so well, CDC has changed their presentation of COVID stats. From the beginning it’s been “cases per 10,000 over last seven days.” since that number has steadily dropped from 72 in early January to 16 this week, what does CDC do? The stat is now cases per 100,000 OH MY GOD, It’s up to 126 now…..SHUT THE SCHOOLS CLOSE THE BARS….ALL CORONABROS TO THE BATTLE

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