Caleb Williams Has A Million Reasons To Play For Eastern Michigan

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When Oklahoma quarterback Caleb Williams announced his decision to enter the college football transfer portal, few, if any, speculated that Eastern Michigan would be his next stop. But there are now a million reasons why the dream of Williams taking snaps in Ypsilanti could become a reality.

On Wednesday, EMU alum Charlie Batch took to Twitter to let Williams know that a one-year, one million dollar NIL deal awaits him, should he opt to take snaps for the Eagles.

Batch, who spent 15 years as an NFL quarterback, tweeted: “Hey (Caleb Williams), have you considered Eastern Michigan, @EMUFB? If not, you SHOULD. GameAbove Capital is prepared to pay you ONE MILLION DOLLARS for one year! Are you ready be an EAGLE?”

Give Batch credit. You can’t score if you don’t shoot.

And Batch appears to be shooting with his employer’s money. The former QB joined CapStone Holdings in late December as the company’s Senior VP of Strategic Investments.

Per Batch’s tweet, GameAbove Capitol, part of the CapStone Holdings family, is the pimp behind the million dollar NIL offer aimed at securing Williams’ services for EMU.

They’ll likely have to do better than that. Williams is coming off a true freshman season in which he passed for 1,916 yards and 22 touchdowns. The former five-star recruit who entered the Heisman discussion by mid-season added another 442 yards and six scores on the ground. With numbers like those versus Big 12 competition, schools with more national buzz and deeper pockets will undoubtedly soon outdo the million-dollar offer from Eastern Michigan.

Even if EMU isn’t Williams’ top choice, it sure makes for one hell of a safety school.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Why aren’t the big money/endowment schools aren’t playing like this? Can you imagine what Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and other academic schools with the ridiculous endowments funded by tons of rich alumni could offer as NIL deals if the university asked for help? I’m not sure what they’re all waiting on.

  2. Univ Texas reportedly has a $200,000,000 booster “war chest” set up for “Sark” to buy a Nat Championship. … Yes, the schools with the most Hedge Fund guys should have an advantage. Or the most Arab prince alumni …

    Was’t it only a few days ago that fancy IPFs, giant Jumbotrons and pimped-out locker rooms were all the MUST HAVE rage … now it’s just “How Many Benjamins, Baby?”

  3. Honestly, here we are.. College football is now MLB minus contracts beyond a year. There’s gonna be a few Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers buying championships every year. Some form of NIL needed to happen but things are changing too fast and beyond recognition.

    I think XFL/USFL needs to take off and solidify football in Spring. If that happens then you can have a system like college baseball. Either go play semi-pro straight out of high school or commit to a program for at least 3 years.

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