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There was a three-hour period Friday when I couldn’t play videos & it left me in a bad place

Like a roofer missing his roofing hammer. Like a plumber without a pipe wrench. Like a golfer without a putter. Like Clay without his radio voice. I was in a bad place Friday afternoon when I lost the ability to play videos of any kind on my MacBook Pro that’s six months old. It’s a complete understatement to say it left me in a mental pretzel. I MUST BE ABLE TO WATCH VIDEOS TO DO MY JOB. My brain was like a wet spaghetti noodle going in 50 different directions. My brain vs. a computer. Was it a Wi-Fi issue? Was it something I’d downloaded? Was it one of the clunky Apple updates that caused this? Did one of the kids get on my computer while I wasn’t looking and screwed up a setting?

I was a mess!

After approximately three hours of grinding it out, looking through Reddit forums for solutions and  hundreds of different Google searches, the AppleCare lady was able to get me right in about 15 minutes. How did I treat myself after such a mental grind to get right? I went to the rock store to buy more 4″ Fond Du Lac border stones. Some bloggers self-medicate with alcohol to take the pain away after a computer issue. I fired up muscles that don’t get used very often because of this blogging sedentary lifestyle and loaded 500 pounds of stone into the wife’s van. I have to say, it cleared the mind. There is something about picking out rocks for a border project. Your mind goes to a different place. Try it sometime.

I got home, had some dinner, fired up the MacBook and pumped out news on Holly Sonders offering to collaborate with Clay & Lara Travis. Talk about a full day. Whew. Little did I know 15-18 years ago that one day this is where I’d be in my career. What a journey it has been.

• Make sure your outside work schedule takes into account the 5:14 ET Final Four tip. My plan is to sit down for a meal at halftime and then get locked in for the rest of the night. I’m thinking a make-your-own taco night and hoops with a side of Valero Open and college baseball after a long day of building a border wall in my yard.

• Were you waiting on the CDC to tell you it was OK to fly after being vaccinated? Didn’t think so. Fauc-dogg has been way too quiet the last month or so. Something tells me he’s going to pop up at a Nationals game all masked up & loaded on Fireball and Bud heavies now that the world is reopening.

• What would be the reaction from the wokes if MLB decided to play the All-Star Game in Cuba?

• Remember Friday morning when I told you guys I’m noticing places around me shutting down because they can’t find cooks? Last night, we tried to get pizza from a local place that has approximately 5-6 locations in a 20-miles radius. My wife calls to place an order…and…they’re closed for renovations and staffing. I heard from Chris in Houston who says the same issue is going on there. “As long as Uncle Sam keeps paying people well to stay home that’s going to remain a problem,” he said, before adding that his friend who owns an ATM business is killing it due to people sucking that stimmy money out at bars and massage parlors.

• Let’s get out there and have a strong Easter weekend. Costco trips. Garage beers. Basement Final Four beers. Patio seltzers. Color those eggs. Get those tulips for your wife and/or girlfriend. Have a great one.

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