BYU Pays Tribute To Andy Reid, Lindsey Vonn In The Gym & Josh Allen’s TD Record

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If Nick Saban is on the sideline tonight for the Georgia game…

…USA Today’s Christine Brennan and Dan Wolken are going to further lose their minds. That’s what I’m rooting for today. We’re just a few days (was it Wednesday?) removed from Christine pontificating on how the world had reached its end because Saban tested positive for a virus that millions of people have tested positive for. Christine was so sure this was the end of college football and life. She was bunkered down with a five-gallon bucket of whatever the nerds are buying these days from Whole Foods and waiting for COVID fireballs to rain down on her house.

She’s going to be shocked to see college football rolling along today and the Big Ten returning next Friday. Today’s schedule, besides the big one tonight, isn’t loaded with Top 25 matchups, but you’ll still get the Kentucky-Tennessee game at noon.

Let’s fire up pots of chili, get the grill going, suck down some drinks and have ourselves yet another positive weekend of college football.

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