Buy ‘The Shining’ Movie Axe Prop & Impress All Your Neighbors

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Are you in the market for a high-priced piece of movie history that will absolutely fascinate neighbors who stopover for a cocktail? You need to get your hands on the prop stunt axe used in The Shining, the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece where a crazed Jack Nicholson smashed through a door with the infamous axe.

The prop axe is currently for sale from Paul Fraser Collectibles, but it’s going to cost you some serious money. The asking price for Jack Torrance’s axe is just under $59,000.

According to the seller, this axe was “substituted for the original wood axe as a safety measure and for ease of use during filming.” The seller also notes that this hard polyfoam axe was used in “long shots and when two or more characters were on screen.”

The Shining (1980) movie prop axe is for sale / Paul Fraser Collectibles

Before you think that $59,000 seems high for a polyfoam prop, the sellers report that the original wooden axe used by Jack Torrance to smash through the door sold for $211,000 in 2019 and a similar foam axe sold for $57,600 in 2019.

Just think of the different uses for this axe in your house. If you have daughters, there can be a Shining screening night with new boyfriends where you hit pause after the axe scene and ask the new boyfriend if he recognizes the axe on your theater wall.

This would also come in handy during couples nights. Let’s face it, nothing gets the conversation started by explaining how that axe was used to terrorize Wendy. All the wives will secretly love that you own it.

And if you have enough money to buy this prop, you’re definitely in the market to one-up your neighbors after they buy something cool.

Yeah, we got a new Porsche SUV…the Mercedes was getting boring.

Oh yeah? Well, I bought the axe from the shining.

Game. Set. Match. You own the conversation in the cul-de-sac.

The hard polyfoam prop axe Jack Nicholson used to terrify Wendy in ‘The Shining’ is for sale / Paul Fraser Collectibles

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