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Are you looking for an opportunity to go into the pop culture travel tourism industry? Here’s your chance to buy the Rosebud Motel from the ultra-popular series Schitt’s Creek that’s actually called the Hockley Motel in Mono, Ontario. It’s all yours for $1.6 million. Turn it into a Schitt’s Creek themed-motel and watch people flock in from Toronto’s Pearson Airport, about 50 minutes south of your new travel destination.

Are you skeptical of the power of Schitt’s Creek as a draw? Take a look at what a guy did to his Seattle house and you tell me if there are enough customers out there willing to help pay off your motel mortgage. Now consider what other ultra-popular movies/TV tourism locations earn. In Ohio, where many parts of Shawshank Redemption were filmed, the convention and tourism bureau estimated a $3 million boost to the economy in 2013. That was 20 years after the film was released. The Shawshank tourism industry hasn’t slowed as is the case in Iowa where Field of Dreams continues to chug along.

Now, how’s a $1.6 million investment for the Hockley Motel sound?

From the Schitt’s Creek motel realtor:

Large ±6.7 Acre Site

The Property is set on an expansive site with ±1,265 feet of frontage on Hockley Road surrounded by nature, including Nottawasaga River – a highly desirable fishing river for Rainbow Trout and Salmon – at the back of the site. The site is fully serviced and zoned as Niagara Escarpment Area.

The Property is currently not operational and a new owner has the ability to create something special on the Site, capitalizing on new travel trends following COVID-19, It is anticipated travelers will be valuing safety and cleanliness as well as unique experiences to enjoy nature and the outdoors. A capital infusion in the guest rooms along with innovative technology for “contactless” check-in and other mobile applications to enhance the overall guest experience in a more personalized yet safe way. Other features could include adding an outdoor fire pit, picnic tables and other seating for guests to congregate while enjoying the scenery.

To be honest, I’ve never seen a single episode of this show, but I know a money-making opportunity when I see one. I also know Schitt’s Creek has 1.4 million Instagram fans, 15 Emmy nominations, all sorts of Canadian TV awards, etc. It’s one of the most popular TV comedies in Canadian history. Then I learn that the Jersey Shore reality show house rents for $1,200 a night and it’s easy to see the financial path forward here.

Spend $1 million to make the place modernized, but not so much that the Schitt’s Creek junkies get all bent out of shape on the message boards. $229 (USD) a night from June 15-August 15. $149 during the offseason. 10 rooms. You’re sitting on a cash cow in five years.


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