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Dave Ramsey, who offers personal financial advice to listeners across his 600-station radio network and via his counseling services, has listed his massive 13,500 sq. ft. Franklin, Tennessee mansion for $15,450,000. Ramsey, who filed for bankruptcy in 1988, says the process of going through the mess created by his disastrous financial choices and looking to his future is what snapped him out of it.

“Never again will we borrow money,” Ramsey said of his 1988 situation. “Never again is American Express going to call my house and ask my wife why she would stay with a man that won’t pay his bills. And yes, they did do that. And I was a very mad redneck.”

Now it’s 2021, and Ramsey is looking to cash in on a blazing hot metro Nashville housing market. He and his wife, Sharon, built the home in 2009 after purchasing the property for $1.6 million, according to the Nashville Business Journal.

From Ramsey’s realtor Kelly Gammer of Broker with Capital Realty Group, Llc:

Total of 14.38 acres 2 buffer lots & fully furnished. Seriously amazing sunsets & view! Unicorn home in unbelievable central & secluded gated neighborhood perched at 1, 150′ elevation, close to 14,000 sf of living space & over 6,000 sf of covered porches, garages, storage/mechanical/attics. 3 garages fitting total of 8 cars/toys. Warm designer home w flowing floorplan & tons of features/custom details. 3 staircases, elevator, 5 fireplaces, smart features, private gate & fully fenced.6 Bed;7/2 BA.

Look at the photos. Look at your bank account. I’m not sure what Dave’s stance is on mortgage loans, but you better be able to pay your American Express bill after buying this house or Dave’s going to destroy you on the radio.

I’m also not sure what Dave’s stance is on buying coffee at Starbucks, but there’s one 4.5 miles from the house. Costco’s about the same distance. Whole Foods is just three miles away, for those who need their cucumber water.

While we don’t get a look at the inside of Dave’s house in the real estate listing, it’s clear this place is nice. Clay should buy it so I can visit for a month and live above the garage and golf after half-days of blogging.

Mortgage: $52,000 or so a month, according to Realtor.

via / Kelly Gammer, Broker with Capital Realty Group, Llc
via / Kelly Gammer, Broker with Capital Realty Group, Llc
via / Kelly Gammer, Broker with Capital Realty Group, Llc
via / Kelly Gammer, Broker with Capital Realty Group, Llc
via / Kelly Gammer, Broker with Capital Realty Group, Llc
via / Kelly Gammer, Broker with Capital Realty Group, Llc

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  1. Dave Ramsey is a hypocritical schmuck, always has been. The fools that listen to him are idiots too. Yeah, let’s advise a young professional to buy some piece of shit used car that could breakdown at any point vs. a sensible (and reliable) new car. “Sorry Mr. client, I won’t make our appointment today bc my ‘97 Honda broke down…”

    POS Ramsey is laughing all the way to the bank…but wait, he doesn’t like them either!

    • Amen! Ramsey is a total fraud. The losers that live by his advice will never build wealth. Live like a pauper and put every spare penny toward paying off your 3.nothing percent mortgage instead of investing it and earning a real return. Terrible money management strategy. He’s a failed real estate investor with a folksy accent. Listen to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

  2. Of course, there will be no need for financial advisers when Chairman Xiden turns the country into a socialist paradise. All student debt will be erased, there will be no more rent, and everyone gets that yummy yummy yummy $15/hour universal minimum wage.

  3. It’s not a solid plan. What he suggests could be ruinous if followed to a T. If you take his advice and get a 15 year mortgage then happen to lose your job your minuscule rainy day fund will only keep you afloat for a short time. You have no other assets because all your money is invested in your house. Your not able to refinance into a 30 year because you have no job and you don’t have any credit because you cancelled your credit cards. In the end you lose your house and have to start from scratch.

    Avoid Dave Ramsey’s advice like the plague. If you need to get financial advice from a radio person listen to Ric Edelman.

    • I get your point. But…. By having a home with a 15 year mortgage, and placing a limit on how much mortgage to get based on one’s income, this puts a limit on the size of house you can get compared to a 30-year mortgage. Most people buy too much house anyways. Do I do Dave Ramsey’s plan? No. I am more risk-tolerant. But I have many, many friends that should be following his plan.

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