Buy A Spectacular Australian Great Barrier Reef Island Getaway – $17 Million

Have you been killing it in the stock market with Covid and casino stocks? Are you ready to cash out a few dollars from the brokerage account, but you don’t know what to blow the money on? I have an idea: your very own Great Barrier Reef island off the coast of Australia. I’m talking some big boy Dan Bilzerian stuff here. This isn’t buying a Panama City timeshare.

This is stepping up in a big way and saying you want to be elite and own an island that you can then feature on Instagram. Fly in your Instagram models to the nearest airport via a private jet and boat them over. Boom, a party is on.

It’s yours for $17 million.

“It was the ideal place to spend lockdown during the pandemic,” the couple tells CNN Travel via email.

“It is secluded, private and yet you have total freedom to move around, be outside … our kids were playing in the playground, on the beach and life just felt very normal until we switched on the news.”

It’s listed on the market for AUD25 million, or $17 million USD, with a rolling lease until 2046, reports CNN affiliate 9News.

Before your wife freaks out thinking you’re dropping $17 million and just getting a house and a beach, she needs to understand this is much more. We’re talking enough room and cottages to sleep 34 people. Take a look at the listing. You even get a 36-passenger boat and a helicopter landing pad.

You get to own this. Still think $17 million is too much? People will pay off that investment real fast with this view.

via KnightFrank Realtors

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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  1. Hey Joe,
    And since you’re working from home you can write off a large percentage of the house for business expenses. Clients visit…write off some of the sand…rent a flat bottom…write off the water…rent a sea plane, write off the air space. If you don’t get audited, you’re golden.

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