Buy A Connecticut House With Ice Rink, Zamboni, Locker Rooms, Guest Houses & More!

Are you fed up with the costs associated with putting your kids through hockey and the 5 a.m. Saturday practices because that’s the only ice time your team can find? Are you ready to live the good hockey life running your own rink operation? There’s a house in Stamford, Connecticut you need to see.

Let’s just say this house/hockey complex is going to check off all your boxes. You’re officially done driving to hockey practice in the dark. You’re officially done spending all your weekends on hockey trips. $7,690,000 just bought you paradise in the form of 13 acres, six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, a hockey rink, a Zamboni and everything else you need to go into the hockey business.

From the realtor:

FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE THERE COMES BUT ONCE AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY.Live your passion on your own professional indoor hockey rink on 13 private acres.SAFE PRIVATE FUN Imagine 12 months of skating at your pleasure. Never a waitEvery amenity has been designed into this dream rink–heated team benches, lighted scoreboard, home team and visitors locker rooms, fully integrated sound system for calling the scores or delivering beautiful music for the figure skaters in your family; luxurious viewing lounge overlooking entire rink, and even a Zamboni for perfect ice! Designed built by IceBuilders, the Roll Royce team of ice rink architecture and construction. An amazing retreat with 2 guest houses w/ 6 bedrooms 6 baths and gorgeous pool.

What does ice time cost in Stamford, Connecticut? It’s $750 for 90 minutes at Chelsea Piers in Stamford. I’m not in the ice rink business, but I have come up with a reasonable rink time schedule that the new home owners might consider adopting:

5 a.m. – 6:30

7 – 8:30

9 – 10:30

11 – 12:30

1 – 2:30

3 – 4:30

5 – 6:30

7 – 8:30

9 – 10:30

Nine sessions at $750 is $6,750 PER DAY. According to, the mortgage payment on this house would be in the $25,000 range with 20% down, but that’s before taxes and insurance. Let’s just add on another $10,000 per month for operational expenses, keeping the Zamboni juiced with hydraulic fluid and whatnot. I know that there’s a hockey dad out there who will say it’s at least $5,000 more than that, but whatever. Let’s go with $10k.

If you fill just the Saturday and Sunday sessions for a month, you’re talking about grossing $54,000. There are even guest houses to help you make even more income. Think about hockey families and the money they will blow to stay on-site, get loaded and crawl back to the guest house. Hockey dads out there will pray to you. They’ll start using your house as their mailing address. Meanwhile, your monthly overhead is about $35,000.

Are you in the hockey business yet?


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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