'Zoom Fatigue' Is Real, And Here's How It Works

Ever get tired of talking face-to-face while staring into a computer screen? You're not alone, according to researchers at Stanford.

In fact, they've come up with a name for it: "Zoom fatigue." Fittingly, it's what happens you're drained from talking on Zoom all day.

Per CNET: "Researchers say Zoom fatigue comes down to four primary causes: excessive and intense eye contact, constantly watching video of yourself, the limited mobility of being stuck at your desk and more energy spent identifying social cues you'd pick up on intuitively during in-person interactions."

But fear not, Stanford researches also came up with ways to combat this sort of Zoom overdose. Those methods include turning off the video of yourself while using Zoom, and positioning your desk so that you have room to stretch, stand up and move around a little.

Only in this day and age do we need this sort of advice, but it's pretty clear that "Zoom" has nothing to do with moving or traveling very quickly -- which is the very definition of the word.

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