'Long Time Coming': Bars Reopening Indoors In North Carolina

North Carolina bar owners are feeling like they are running a business again, as opposed to feeling like their business is doomed.

“Some relief, some happiness, some anger,” North Carolina Bar Owners Association Vice President Jason Ruth told WWAY-TV.

The reason for all the emotions? North Carolina Gov. Ray Cooper has announced that bars can reopen indoors to nearly 30 percent capacity starting Friday. Indoor service has been shut down since March.

Some are still steaming about it too, especially since North Carolina restaurants have been open inside for some time, at least to some capacity.

“You can have two neighboring businesses and one is given this set of rules, one is completely shut down,” N.C. bar owner Anna Brothers told WWAY. “Now one is given a completely different set of rules, and one is allowed to sorta kinda open. So it’s just, it’s just not fair.”

But now, those who have survived are getting another chance. Or least a 30-percent chance.