Hardly A Bunch Of Baloney: Oscar Mayer Moisturizing Mask A Hot Seller

Finally, the Oscar Mayer facemask is a thing and that's no baloney.

No, seriously. Oscar Mayer does not have any meat in its new facemask, which looks like baloney and is promoted as being inspired by baloney. But again, it ain't baloney.

Of course, Oscar Mayer has always spelled the word as "bologna," and it's moisturizing Bologna Hydrogel Sheet Face Mask has already become one of Amazon's best-selling items of 2022, per the New York Post.

"We thought we’d be tired of hearing about masks after the trying pandemic-ridden years we’ve faced but, for $5, it’s a mask that certainly wowed us," the Post wrote.

Kids past and present have often poked holes in bologna to fit around their eyes and mouth before eating it. So you can't help such a practice, this is good news. Now, in theory, putting Oscar Mayer on your face will actually prove beneficial.

"So, what’s in this bologna-inspired mask? While we were scouring the supermarket for actual Oscar Mayer bologna, the company was behind the scenes mixing witch hazel botanicals, collagens to protect, hydrate, lock in moisture and promote skin elasticity," the Post wrote.