Conor McGregor Set To Make Tons Of Cash After Whiskey Brand Takeover

For Conor McGregor, it may be time to drink up. After all, McGregor may be in line for a payday that amounts to, oh, $133 million following the takeover of his Proper No. Twelve whiskey brand.

The UFC fighter helped to create the brand, but Mexican company Becle announced a takeover, and McGregor's future as owner is now in serious doubt. But hey, a few bucks should soften the blow if so, right?

Becle, by the way, owns Jose Cuervo Tequilla, so it has no shortage of dough. And Proper No. 12 seems to be flourishing, making it a good investment.

"It proved to be so popular in Tesco Ireland stores that customers were only allowed to buy two bottles at a time," The Sun reported.

McGregor, the former featherweight and lightweight champion, is currently ranked No. 6 in the UFC lightweight rankings. He may be the most popular mixed martial arts fighter in history.