Business Insider Self-Owns After Calling Elon Musk A ‘Billionaire Troll’

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Social media managers at Business Insider are losing sleep over free-speech absolutist Elon Musk wanting to buy all of Twitter, claiming that a billionaire socialite-philanthropist shouldn’t be purchasing companies willy-nilly.

On Thursday, the woke outlet made a business decision by tweeting, “Elon Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter represents a chilling new threat: billionaire trolls taking over social media.”

Business Insider also tweeted back on Aug. 5, 2013 that head of Amazon Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of The Washington Post marked “a fascinating cultural transition in America.”

The uneven treatment on display between everyman Elon and bombastic Jeff Bezos was another glorious self-own rooted in sticking to woke values.

A majority of Twitter users have been championing Musk’s potential purchase of the company; including Aaron Rodgers, Joe Rogan and Bill Maher as some of the CEO’s biggest supporters.

Their collective hope: restore the First Amendment on the platform. And to bring back Trump’s account while they’re at it.

Meanwhile, the blue checkmark brigade is attempting to burn Musk for tweeting out memes.

The common American continues to root for Elon Musk to find an angle toward acquiring the cesspool of bad takes (follow @AlejandroAveela) that is Twitter.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. If the establishment clones are all this upset, frantically scratching and clawing at you from all media angles, while the government suddenly starts an SEC investigation of Tesla out of nowhere, then you know you’re officially over the target with bomb doors open. Bombs away!

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