Bum-Voyage! President Biden Sets Off For Vacation In The Midst Of Ongoing Crises

President Joe Biden, overwhelmed by a regime of watching TCM and reading teleprompters, announced that he will be retreating to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for the weekend for some PTO.

After announcing his trip to Rehoboth, the media demanded to know his preferred booking app, while critics responded to Biden’s ill-timed leave of absence in the midst of urgent affairs.

Biden arrived on Friday and capped a long week in the news cycle: Whether it was hitting the recall election campaign trail with buddy Gavin Newsom, or touting vaccine mandates championed by the strictest Blue states.


Brent Scher from the Washington Free Beacon pointed out that the president’s getaway trip regrettably overlapped with U.S. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie apologizing for a Biden-approved drone strike on Friday. The drone strike killed innocent civilians and children, mistaken by U.S. intelligence as members of ISIS-K.

Concurrently, a French ambassador was pulled from the U.S. in protest of a nuclear submarine deal between Australia and America. The United States’ decision was also opposed by Chinese leadership, joining France’s displeasures, according to a Reuters report.


Biden was last scheduled to visit Delaware for a retreat on Aug. 20 — a week following the Taliban’s seize of Kabul, and days prior to the attack on 13 Americans and hundreds of Afghan citizens in Kabul. After facing backlash, the president canceled his trip.

The Democrats’ fizzling promise of the adults re-taking command post Trump continues to land beyond the mark, meaning or responsibility, and is America’s best showcasing of juvenile intuition with an adult’s voice since Big.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Biden and Milley and the rest of them know that all this terrible shit they are doing to the country will not be covered by the MSM. They know it will just fade from people’s minds and they will never have to answer for any of it. A congressional hearing here and there and that will be the extent of any accountability on their part. The congressional Republicans are too ineffectual to do anything.

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