Bullies Attack Instagram Model Who Cried ‘Happy Tears’ After Mowing Her Lawn

Hey bullies, you scumbags picked on the wrong two subjects around here: mowing and Instagram models. There are small brain moves and then there’s the very small brain move of attacking an Australian Instagram model for crying “happy tears” over mowing the lawn at the house she bought earlier this year.

Olivia Mathers, a 24-year-old, up-and-coming model with 632,000 followers, has spent the last two weeks working on her lawn. It’s spring in Australia and that means it’s time for new homeowners to take on projects, and in Mathers case, it was the first time she’d been faced with such challenges.

Mathers, who bought her house during autumn, wrote, “I’ve had tears through this process…happy tears because I am just so f–king proud of myself.”

“It’s so easy to be faced with an unknown/new situation & say ‘I can’t.'”

In her ‘Gardening’ Instagram Story section, Mathers shows projects that included working with her mother to remove plants along a fence, weed removal, mowing, trimming, blowing off the concrete, and cleaning up limbs, leaves, and everything else that goes into yard work.

Mathers gave some true Thursday Night Mowing League energy and documented her work.

Instagram model Olivia Mathers mowing happy tears
via Olivia Mathers / Instagram Story

“My advice and something I am only just learning is, give yourself more credit and challenge yourself to create the results you want in life, in every aspect. It’s damn fkn empowering,” she wrote to her followers.

Ah, but that turned into scumbag bullies congratulating Mathers on simply mowing her lawn and cleaning up her yard. “You mowed the lawn,” Australian Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck wrote, making fun of Mathers.

“I thought from reading that caption that she bought a house which is no easy feat to do but yeah good for her for mowing the lawn,” another bully joked. “Started from the backyard now we here,” said another.

Imagine getting a laugh out of making fun of an Instagram model for being proud of her property, her effort, and the results of that effort. What an absolutely sickening statement on society. More Instagram models should show us how they mow their lawns, split wood, work the burn piles, build firepits, etc.

No matter how many bullies come for Mathers and make fun of her for focusing on her yard work, the Thursday Night Mowing League here at OutKick will have her back. Once you’re in this club it’s like being in a biker gang. We have your back no questions asked.

Now we just have to explain to Olivia why we mow on Thursdays. She’ll eventually get it. Spring is just getting cranked up Down Under.

Olivia already understands the part where we have post-mowing beers.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • Gotta be an internet posting phenomenon I would say. The rear bumper is tweaked as well, which is fine, I’d rather see working models of classic cars sometimes. I really love Australia, except some of the current tyrants in charge, things have changed a lot in 40 years I’d say. She does have some hips, seems like a nice kid.

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