Things Get Chippy, Scuffle Breaks Out After Steelers Lineman Wrecks Bills Defender For Laying A Late Hit On Kenny Pickett

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Things got very chippy during Sunday’s game between the Bills and Steelers. It started with a late hit and ended with benches clearing.

The incident occurred late in the third quarter. Pittsburgh was driving inside Buffalo territory and faced a 2nd-and-10 from the 25-yard-line.

After dropping back to pass and failing to find an open receiver, rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett took off to the right side. He had a big hole with a lot of open space in front of him.

As the defense closed in, Pickett slid down to the turf just short of the first down line. Simultaneously, Bills safety Damar Hamlin came in and laid a helmet-to-helmet hit.

And then a brawl broke out between the Steelers and Bills.

Steelers guard James Daniels took exception to the dangerous, late contact. He ran over to Hamlin and pushed him to the ground.

That did not go over well with the Bills, who quickly converged on Daniels and started pushing back. As the incident moved further and further onto the Buffalo sideline, more and more players got in on the action.

With no one to defend him, it was eight on one. Multiple staffers and officials also got caught up in the mix, but no one was hurt or injured.

A few punches and open-hand jabs were thrown at Daniels, with some of them making direct contact to his helmet. As he made his way back to his own sideline, the two teams got back in each other’s faces and jarred for awhile before the scuffle was broken up.

From start to finish, the entire situation was crazy. Hamlin’s hit could have been avoided, though his contact to the helmet did not appear intentional. From there, Daniels did not need to push Hamlin down, but it didn’t seem like he meant for his shove to be quite as powerful as it was. And then the Bills just ganged up on him.

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