Bud Light Ruthlessly Trolled For 4th Of July Message To ‘Enjoy Some Beer’

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Bud Light’s 4th of July message didn’t go over well with beer drinkers.

The Anheuser-Busch light beer brand continues to take incoming fire from all directions after making the insanely foolish decision to team up with Dylan Mulvaney.

Now, Mulvaney even launched an offensive against A-B and Bud Light for not showing the transgender activist enough support. It’s an absolute circus for the once-popular brand, and the worst part for Bud Light is there’s no end in sight.

Sales have been decimated, BL is being given away for free in an attempt to move it and Anheuser-Busch’s stock price has taken a hit.

Bud Light roasted for 4th of July message.

Bud Light’s latest attempt to move past the situation involved suggesting people suck down some cold beers for 4th of July weekend.

The ratio was a bloodbath and the responses were exactly what you’d expect:

People just trolled, roasted and dragged the brand as they made it clear no Bud Light would be enjoyed over the coming days.

The pressure is nonstop.

It’s truly incredible that it’s July, and not only is the outrage and backlash not stopping against Bud Light, it appears to be intensifying.

Instead of just apologizing for the Dylan Mulvaney disaster, the beer brand and Anheuser-Busch seem to do everything possible to rebuild other than the one thing that would likely resolve this situation:


Will Bud Light ever recover? The beer brand continues to take nonstop pressure after the Dylan Mulvaney partnership. (Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Now, BL is trying to hype up 4th of July weekend like nothing happened at all. The brand is just moving forward. Well, customers clearly have not forgotten and definitely aren’t ready to forgive.

What’s also fascinating is Bud Light’s Instagram post of the exact same thing, which the company blocked from being shared, is bombed in the comments section with transgender flags apparently showing anger about the company not holding the line.

Again, Bud Light is now taking it from all sides.

Bud Light ripped on Twitter and Instagram for its 4th of July weekend message. (Credit: Instagram screenshot)

What will the A-B beer brand do next to try to save itself? Time will tell, but clearly, nothing is working so far.

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