Buccaneers Will Crush Cardinals

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Buccaneers vs. Cardinals, 8:20 ET

By this point in your day, I hope you are done putting together those toys that you thought would be a good idea to buy your kids. I also hope we’ve cashed two tickets by the time we get to the third game on our Christmas slate. That will help pay off the bills that we’ve accumulated from Christmas gifts and dinner.

The Buccaneers come in and take on the Cardinals. This has not been a great season for Tom Brady and the Bucs, but they are in a good spot still to make the playoffs, even with a losing record. For a team with a ton of big names, they are playing like a team that is lost and doesn’t have much hope of figuring it out. They lost in very embarrassing fashion last week to the Bengals after being up big. They kept having turnover after turnover and couldn’t stop the bleeding. You can’t really blame Brady either, he’s having a year that many quarterbacks would be envious of. He has 20 touchdowns and just seven interceptions on the season and will pass 4,000 yards for the year in this game. The running game hasn’t gotten much going, and their defense has been put in too many bad situations to stop their opponent regularly. Still, this game should be a cakewalk for them against a banged-up Cardinals squad.

The Cardinals are 4-10 on the season, and just 1-7 at home this year. They never really got anything going all year and have had to deal with people in and out of the lineup most of the season. For example, Kyler Murray is now on IR. They started Colt McCoy last week, but he got injured and he is now out and the team turns to Trace McSorley. If you need a moment to look up who that is, feel free. He’s thrown 29 passes this season and has no touchdowns. He has three interceptions though and just 166 yards. Now he needs to try and beat a Tampa defense that could use a “get right” game. Still, the guy is an NFL quarterback so he has some talent. He also has two really good receivers in the lineup that could help him at least stay in the game. The defense of the Cardinals will need to stop the Buccaneers in some way, but my guess is they probably will be put in bad spots with turnovers in the game.

I’m a little surprised the Buccaneers moneyline isn’t higher in this one. At just -360 it seems oddly reasonable, but that is not me advocating to play it. I am taking the Buccaneers -7 (buy the half-point if you need to). I also think we need to see the line on McSorely to throw an interception this game. If it is -150 or less I’ll be investing in that one.

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Written by David Troy

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