Buccaneers Rookie Javon Hagan Roasts Skip Bayless With Perfect Response

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Buccaneers rookie Javon Hagan, pulled off the practice squad to take Antoine Winfield Jr.’s roster spot and make his NFL debut in the NFC Championship, had the perfect response for Skip Bayless, who had dogged him on Sunday.

“Antoine Winfield Jr. has been replaced on the active roster by Javon Hagan, an undrafted rookie from Ohio off the practice squad. Not from THE Ohio State. Just Ohio. Just makes me SICK,” Bayless tweeted.

By the end of the night, not only had the undrafted free agent Hagan played in an NFL game, he was a member of the NFC Championship team and held the trophy in the locker room as proof. Hagan played 10 snaps on coverage & return units.

“Woke up today as a NFC champion,” Hagan tweeted Monday morning.

Long before Tom Brady became a member of the Buccaneers, Hagan dialed up a tweet on May 12, 2019 that now looks like an absolutely genius move. Brady signed with the Bucs March 20, 2020. Sunday night, Hagan was on the same field celebrating his NFL debut while Brady was celebrating his 10th trip to the Super Bowl.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. So lame, Skippy. Is that you’re version of Stephen A’s “how ’bout dem Cowboys!”?
    Stopped watching Skippy and Rev Sharpe-Tongue when they became political experts…adioś d-bags!

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