Bryan Kohberger Watches TV All Day, Of Himself, While Sitting In Jail Cell

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Bryan Kohberger awaits a June trial in the homicide case of four Idaho roommates in which he’s the suspect.

Currently, Kohberger spends his days at the Latah County Jail in Moscow. He mostly watches the television in his cell.

Television of himself, that is.

Kohberger is segregated from other inmates. The television in his cell is all to himself, where he has access to basic cable.

“He watches himself all the time,” one inmate tells the DailyMail.

“It’s really kind of bizarre.”

Kohberger can find coverage of himself at almost any time. Particularly on NewsNation, the upstart cable news network with a focus on crime.

NewsNation primetime host Ashleigh Banfield has been asking the suspect to write in each night — since he might already be watching.

Why didn't Idaho massacre survivor D.M. call 911 immediately after seeing the killer? A lawyer representing a victim's family explained. (Credit: Getty Images and Instagram)
Victims and Kohberger.

When not consuming coverage of himself, Kohberger can reach out to loved ones. The jail allows him to make but not receive calls.

“If he gets a call, the jailers will pass him a note and then he has the option to call or FaceTime them back,” reports Banfield.

He also has access to FaceTime. That has angered the parents of the victims, as they cannot do the same to their slayed children.

Reports describe the 28-year-old as a “model prisoner.” Kohberger does not respond or even acknowledge the other inmates who taunt him, telling him he’s going to get the chair

“He always has the same expression, or non-expression,” another inmate told DailyMail.

“He just looks straight ahead. I’ve never even seen his eyebrows or mouth move. He never says anything.”

While prosecutors have not said whether they plan to pursue the death penalty against Kohberger, he could face a firing squad if convicted.

And the evidence against him is sustainable — from a left-behind sheath at the scene, blood in his apartment, GPA tracking of his phone, and face-to-face (while masked) description from the surviving roommate.

No wonder he’s watching himself each day on the news.

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