Bruins Broadcaster Apologizes For ‘Body Shaming’ Joke Directed Towards Pat Maroon

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Boston Bruins broadcaster Jack Edwards made his way down to the Tampa Bay Lightning locker room to apologize to Lightning forward Pat Maroon for a joke in which he “body shamed” the three-time Cup champ.

From how it sounds, the man they call “Big Rig,” wasn’t exactly having it.

In case you missed what this stemmed from, it happened when last time the Bruins and Lightning met lat last November,

“Listed at 238 pounds. That was day one of training camp I got a feeling he’s had a few more pizzas between then and now,” Edwards said, before joking about Pat Maroon fasting for four hours.

“Hey, three Cups in a row; who can argue with his formula?” he said, maybe starting to sense he had made a slight “Uh-oh.”

Ask most hockey fans — even a lot of Bruins fans — and they’ll agree that Jack Edwards’ broadcasts are insufferable. Making fun of a player is an odd thing to do.

Instead of firing back at Edwards, Marron instead solicited donations for charities.

Things have changed when it comes to how “body shaming” incidents are handled. A slew of charitable donations and a quiet one-on-one in the locker room?

That’s not what happened in the late-’80s.

Former New Jersey Devils coach Jim Schoenfeld issued hockey’s most notorious body-shaming by telling referee Don Koharski to “have another donut” in 1988. (Getty Images)

The Maroon-Edwards Saga Was Far From The NHL’s Messiest ‘Body Shaming’ Incdiednt

Let’s go back a few decades and look at perhaps the most famous “body shaming” incident in hockey history.

Jim Schoenfeld telling Don Koharski to “have another donut.”

Coincidentally, the Bruins were tangentially involved in this one too. They had just throttled Schoenfeld’s Devils 6-1 in Game 3 of the 1988 Wales Conference Finals.

The league suspended Schoenfeld, but the Devils fought it. A judge overturned it just 40 minutes before Game 4. That led to the officiating crew walking out which delayed the start of the game until replacement officials could be rounded up. Schoenfeld coached his team to a 3-1 win in Game 4 but was suspended for Game 5 and fined $1,000 while the Devils were fined $10,000.

“Have another donut” became one of the most famous quotes in hockey history, although it was probably the physical confrontation that got Schoenfeld some supplemental discipline.

I don’t think Edward’s lines about Maroon will get the same treatment. Not in this day and age.

That said, there will always be something hilarious about a coach being restrained after a blowout loss and telling the referee to go eat another donut.

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