Browns Lineman Wyatt Teller Says He Developed Odd Condition After Wearing Walking Boot

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This is fair warning that Browns offensive lineman Wyatt Teller might end up a breakout star of 2020 if he keeps dropping nuggets like the one he dumped out on Cleveland’s media elite on Wednesday. Wyatt told them he had developed a “pimp walk” after wearing a boot for a calf injury.

There are a couple of ways to a Browns fan’s heart, and one of those ways is to come out after missing three weeks of the season and say you developed a pimp walk from the boot. That’s the type of off-the-cuff remark that gritty, northeastern Ohio guys can relate to. They know that feeling. They’ve been in those walking boots after injuring themselves in the factories. They’ve strapped on work boots and had their own pimp walks.

Teller, who said he heard a pop and felt a stabbing pain in his leg when the injury occurred, told Cleveland media he’d never missed a snap because of injury before this ordeal. He added that there’s optimism he’ll be out there with his pimp walk when the Texans roll into town Sunday. It will be a critical game for Cleveland who finds itself outside the playoff race looking in. 

Why is it so important to get Teller back on the field? Heading into Week 5 when the injury occurred, Pro Football Focus had Teller with the highest grade through the first four weeks of an NFL season since 2006. Browns fans will be pimp walking in his honor if Teller and the line can get back in order and get their team to its first playoff game since January 5, 2003.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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