Browns’ Jackson, Bucs’ Koetter May Want To Get Resumes Ready

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The NFL season is looming, yet there are rumors already swirling about which head coach will be the first to feel the sting of the blade. Let’s check out the leading candidates to join the unemployment line and their accompanying odds from Sportsbook Review.

Hue Jackson is next head coach fired (+425)

Any other NFL head coach fired first (-675)

Have you watched HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this summer? If you have, then you’re undoubtedly struck by the wishy-washy style of Cleveland head coach Hue Jackson, who has a grand total of one win in his 32 regular-season games at the helm of the Browns. Jackson is a coach desperately trying to maintain his authority but cannot help gushing over Cleveland’s No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield. Bill Parcells once said, “You are who your record says you are.” If that’s the case, then Jackson will soon be just another nice guy out of a job.

Dirk Koetter is next head coach fired (+425)

Any other NFL head coach fired first (-675)

After a quick click over to Sportsbook Review, the one site that features updated odds from all the best online sportsbooks, we see that the same odds apply to Tampa Bay’s third-year coach Dirk Koetter as they do to Cleveland’s Jackson. Koetter was the Bucs’ offensive coordinator when the team selected Jameis Winston as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 draft, but after Lovie Smith was sent packing Koetter became the head coach the following season and it hasn’t worked out very well. Despite a 9-7 record in 2016, the Bucs fell to 5-11 last year and as Winston goes in his fourth professional season so too goes Koetter’s chances of staying alive in Tampa. It doesn’t help Winston is suspended the first three games. Let’s hope Dirk didn’t sign any long-term leases down in the Sunshine State.

Vance Joseph is next head coach fired (+650)

Any other NFL head coach fired first (-1350)

Joseph enters his second season as the Denver Broncos head shot-caller after posting a lackluster 5-11 mark in his inaugural season with the club. If you don’t have at least a very good quarterback on your roster then you don’t have a good team. That’s pretty much a stone-cold fact, although there have been rare exceptions as in the 2000 Super Bowl champion Ravens with Trent Dilfer managing a Baltimore offense that had the luxury of an historically spectacular defense. Denver has nothing remotely resembling such a defense and with Case Keenum installed as the starter at QB, well, Vance’s prospects don’t look good.

Adam Gase is next head coach fired (+750)

Any other NFL head coach fired first (-1580)

Adam Gase began his tenure with the Dolphins in 2016 and delivered a 10-6 mark along with a quick exit out of the postseason with a loss to the Steelers. But even getting to play beyond the regular season was a moral victory in Miami and had given hope to a franchise that had not sniffed the playoffs since 2008. However, the euphoria of Gase’s debut season was short-lived as the Dolphins slipped back into an all too familiar pattern and ended last season with a disappointing 6-10 record. Ryan Tannehill returns as the Dolphins’ starting quarterback after missing the 2017 season with a torn ACL and should provide consistency to an offense that lacked just that last season. Tannehill, when healthy, is similar to the Redskins’ Alex Smith in that he is accurate, cautious, yet unspectacular. The difference is that Smith is more mobile and more likely to remain upright throughout the season. Gase’s future depends on Tannehill and the odds are 50/50 that both will last the season.

Marvin Lewis is next head coach fired (+1500)

Any other NFL head coach fired first (-999999)

No one knows what Marvin Lewis has on the Cincinnati Bengals’ executive board but it must be something pretty juicy to get a two-year extension after compiling a 13-18-1 record over the last two seasons and a 0-7 playoff record over the 15 years he has been head coach of the Cats. Cincinnati fans were speechless when the news broke last January that good ol’ Marv would be roaming the sidelines once again but eventually they found their collective voice and the reviews weren’t flattering. The heat is on Lewis no doubt and the Bengals’ brass knows that any misstep will infuriate their fan base which is why the head coach will be on a very short leash this year.

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Written by SportsBook Review