Brooks Koepka Gets Locked Out Of His Car Ahead Of PGA Championship Media Day

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One of the more underrated aspects of the PGA Championship, and golf tournaments in general, is the media day before the players tee off. We get a glimpse into how players are feeling ahead of a major championship, and we always get some brilliant quotes. Brooks Keopka, however, was late to the party because his agent locked his keys in car. At least that’s what he claims.

Koepka posted to Twitter to share the hilarious news.

Obviously we would have loved to hear from Brooks Keopka ahead of a PGA Championship, but this incident provides some unexpected innovation. Now, rather than calling out of work, we can file this as another excuse to use for our jobs. ‘Sorry boss…locked my keys in the car and I won’t make it.”

In all seriousness, though, Brooks couldn’t catch a ride or an even an Uber? You’d think a player this important could find a buddy or someone working with the PGA Tour to help out.

Combine the Tiger/Rory/Spieth grouping for days one and two of the tournament and Brooks being stuck at home, we’re off to an eventful start to the 2022 PGA tourney. Gotta love Brooks Koepka and all the casual antics he brings to the table.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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  1. I’m withMr Bob not the thin skinned so called contributor just because a comment is made doesn’t mean you care it means you made a comment this clown is the only contributor on this site that finds it necessary to be snarky and petty to VIPs

  2. Wrong Gary, I don’t care if a golfer locked himself out of his car. That’s an article I’d expect to read in my local high school newspaper.

    Won’t be reading any of your baseball articles because they aren’t good.

    And remember, I’m a customer so I can be snarky and demand a little more.

    You ought to just take a little criticism and maybe come up with something a little more interesting.

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