Bronny James Is Trending After Posting Video That Looks A Lot Like Smoking a Blunt

Bronny James, the 15-year old son of LeBron James, is trending on twitter right now.

He is trending on twitter not for any of the insane basketball plays that he has made as an athlete — that according to has an offer from Kentucky, already. Nope, he is trending because he uploaded what looks to be him smoking a blunt on social media.

Bronny is heading into his sophomore year at Sierra Canyon School, a private school in Chatsworth (CA) about half an hour north of Los Angeles and LeBron has said that he wants to play in the NBA long enough to be in the league at the same time as his son.

As for the maybe-marijuana situation: we don’t care. That is for his dad to handle.

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  1. Well…now let’s talk about black privilege.
    Will the school suspend him?
    Will his father say it’s just a black kid experimenting — “white kids do it all the time.”
    Will it pass the SJW victimhood test? Absolutely!
    My bet is, he gets a pass — with no apology required.

  2. Oh he attends a private school in Chatsworth i wonder if he is hunted down daily as he attends his private school in Chatsworth that’s what daddy said and daddy said he is tired of it. Well if things get too dangerous at his private school in Chatsworth he can always retreat to one of daddy’s two homes in Bel Air. Btw still waiting for daddy to step up and meet the Sheriffs challenge to donate to the reward fund for those two brave deputies who were almost assassinated by some pos lowlife. One of the deputies is a 31 year old mother with a small child who i bet doesn’t attend a private school in Chatsworth or anywhere else.

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