Brock Purdy’s Health Status Becomes Clearer, Might Have Avoided A Serious Injury

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Brock Purdy might have really dodged a bullet Sunday against the Eagles.

The seventh round QB pick hurt his elbow in the first quarter of the loss to Philadelphia in the NFL title game.

Purdy had to return to the action after Josh Johnson also went down, but it was clear he had no ability to throw the ball with any effectiveness.

While it looked rough Sunday, it sounds like he might have avoided serious damage.

Brock Purdy should be okay.

Despite clearing struggling with his elbow during the Sunday loss, it sounds like Purdy should be okay.

Adam Schefter reported Sunday night that the belief right now is he injured his ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow, but didn’t rupture it. If the ligament isn’t ruptured, Purdy should be back to normal in just six weeks.

He will get an MRI at some point today.

This could have been much worse for Purdy.

If the recovery time is simply six weeks, then Brock Purdy is going to be just fine. He’ll be ready to sling it again by mid-March in theory.

Given how much clear discomfort he was in Sunday, it would have been surprising if the situation turned out to be much worse.

Brock Purdy suffered an injury to his ulnar collateral ligament. Doctors don’t believe it’s ruptured. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Again, he clearly couldn’t throw with any real effectiveness. After the game, he told the press he couldn’t push the ball past five to ten yards, according to The Associated Press.

That’s a really bad sign, but it now looks like he’s going to be okay. Seeing as how the 49ers are done for the year, there’s also not a rush to get him back.

Brock Purdy might have avoided a serious injury to his elbow. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

Brock Purdy can take plenty of time to heal up and get his elbow right. While the six weeks might not be fun, the 49ers QB should consider himself lucky. The situation definitely could have gone much worse.

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