Brittney Griner STILL Held In Russian Prison? Dan Dakich Responds

Dan Dakich says enough is enough.

“It’s been four months. What does Brittney Griner get, a life sentence for cannabis oil?”

Dan said Trump would have had Brittney home by now.

Here’s everything Dan had to say on Don’t @ Me:

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Written by OutKick Flash


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  1. Lmfao she can stay there for all I care why is this even a story anymore? She’s obviously a political prisoner over there due to the conflict sucks to suck maybe you should help build a league here that actually appeals to people instead of having to go to an authoritarian one to get those checks. Although we are totally authoritarian now too LOL.

  2. Maybe she shouldn’t have drug her drug pipe through Customs with her. Genius move, and really, we have REAL political/Diplomatic prisoners there who are actually worthy of getting out of Russian jails. And don’t give up a prisoner swap for her without one of those detainees.

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