Brittney Griner Receives Support From Russian Teammate, Team Director

A week after pleading guilty to drug charges in Russia, WNBA star Brittney Griner is making her case in court. In the process, she is receiving support from her Russian team, UMMC Ekaterinburg.

On Thursday, two members of the team — director Maxim Rybakov and teammate Evgeniia Beliakova — appeared in court to voice their support for Griner, who has been detained by the Russian government after being discovered with vape cartridges containing hashish oils at Sheremetyevo International Airport.

The drug offense — which quickly escalated into an international affair for the United States government — could put Griner behind bars for 10 years.

Griner’s teammate Evgeniia Beliakova testified on the 31-year-old’s behalf on Thursday.

“Brittney has always been a very good teammate, so my role here is just to be with her, to support her,” Beliakova told the Associated Press. “We miss her very much; we miss her energy. I was very happy to see her, and I hope this trial will be over soon and with a positive outcome.”

The WNBA star has previously reached out to President Joe Biden in a desperate plea to be released from Russian custody. She has spent roughly five months under detainment and endured little communication with loved ones since. The team director stated that Thursday’s appearance was the first time he had seen Griner.

“I’d like to plead guilty, your honor. But there was no intent. I didn’t want to break the law,” Griner said when pleading guilty, per Reuters. “I’d like to give my testimony later. I need time to prepare.”

Written by Alejandro Avila


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      … Except when you run into regime like Russia that knows it can bust her (with real or planted evidence), toss her in the clink, then secretly use her to negotiate for the release of certain Russian assets. Rumor is the Russian are willing to deal, but the US State Dept is not willing to give up Vladimir Kuznetsov who was charged with smuggling gun parts into the US about 15 minutes before Brittany happened to be busted with pot in her bag…

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