Brits Are Being Blown Off Their Feet By Wild 122 MPH Winds From Storm Eunice

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The big story across the pond is the weather and this Storm Eunice thing where winds in London have been measured at 122 mph and are causing people to be blown off their feet, according to reports. It’s gotten so crazy in London that a YouTuber had 215,000 viewers Friday morning (EST) watching his live commentary of planes trying to land at Heathrow International Airport.

It’s gotten so bad in London that a “danger to life” warning was issued along with a “flying debris” warning, according to The Sun, which adds that it’s believed today’s winds are the highest ever recorded in England with just two stronger wind storms — 1989 and 1986 — recorded in Scotland.

In a video recorded in Croydon, London, pedestrians can be seen toppling over as they fall victim to the strong winds that have also torn part of the O2 Arena dome.

In Ireland, a man was hit and killed by a falling tree as he tried to clear debris, according to Irish news outlets. Scots are being told to stay home as trees fall on tracks and sheet metal is being tossed around train stations.

And in Tottenham, dramatic video showed the light towers at the Spurs’ soccer stadium being blown around by Eunice’s power. The light towers, according to a local reporter, are supposed to wave like this in heavy winds, but the reporter, Paul McNamara, adds that this was “the first real test” the lights have gone through.

And at Heathrow, the genius behind Big Jet TV, Jerry Dyer, has collected 4 million views on his live stream of planes trying to land in the incredible winds. The YouTube live show ran for nearly eight hours as Eunice’s winds made for must-see TV and caused people around the world to tune in.

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