Britney Spears Flees To Mexico In A Thong As OnlyFans Rumors Swirl

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Newly-single Britney Spears — who is totally OK, by the way — has fled the country and is now dancing her troubles away in Mexico in nothing but a thong and cowboy boots.

Oh yeah — all the while rumors of her possibly joining OnlyFans swirl back in the US of A.

Again, totally fine!

“In Mexico 🇲🇽 now !!! When your sister says “I love her to DEATH” … you learn to start living !!!!” the Toxic singer aptly posted to Instagram early Friday.

Britney Spears opts against OnlyFans but will push Instagram to ban her

See? She’s FINE, folks. Stop acting so worried!

What a year for Britney Spears, who has vaulted back into the spotlight after taking a few decades off. She’s free from the conservatorship and has been doing a TON of catching up with society on her Instagram page, which is an absolutely wild ride to go on.

In the last week alone she’s posted three separate videos of her dancing in a cheetah-print leotard, a topless photo from behind and the above thong video from Mexico.

And that’s just the last week!

In case you missed it — lucky you! — Britney Spears and longtime husband of 14 months, Sam Asghari, are in the midst of an ugly divorce. How do I know it’s ugly? He unfollowed her on Instagram yesterday.

That’s how we show emotions in 2023, in case you couldn’t tell.

Looks like Britney is handling it just fine, though. She’s single, ready to mingle, and allegedly contemplating a move to OnlyFans in the near future.

From The Daily Mail:

TMZ claims that the site reached out directly to the star’s team ahead of her divorce and they had ‘some initial convos about her joining.’ 

Ultimately she passed, and has opted to push the community guidelines on her pre-existing social media accounts.

So far, so good!

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