Bright Emily Makes Her Debut, Lions Fan Taking A Nap & John Daly Shooting Jumpers At Arkansas

All I had to do was ask Screencaps Nation® about bees and how to get the local CBS game without attaching an antenna to my patio TV

What a Monday that was! The content I specialize in was spewing out like Old Faithful and the email inbox was lit up with recommendations on two of my pressing concerns from over the weekend: bees and CBS blocking the local NFL game on the TV app.

• Guy G. writes:

I’m not an apiarist, but since I have the same problem at home, I figured I’d chime in. What you were seeing yesterday, swarming around your patio beers, was yellow jackets. They’re bastards who want cheap sugar. And they get pissed off easily….especially if the dog is dumbly eating them as they fly by. I don’t have a solution and had to run into the house every time I had an empty, or incur the wrath of the swarm.

Secondarily, as this is my main point. While I have not seen your patio setup, (if you showed it in the last 2 weeks, I’ve been on the road a bunch and probably missed it) it is safe to assume that you have multiple TVs. The Yahoo! Sports app will generally play the local market game. Set that up on your Firestick or Roku device, and you’ll be good to go. No extra wiring, and it’s free!

That’s excellent intel on using the Yahoo app to dial up the local game. And he’s correct, it was definitely yellow jackets ruining my patio day. The high school here is named the yellow jackets and yellow jackets have stung me multiple times the last two summers. After going my whole life without being stung — that I know of — the damn yellow jackets have become a real issue. The good news is that I don’t balloon up like some of these people with an allergy.

• Jon U. in Dahlonega, GA has another CBS app solution if Guy’s Yahoo! solution doesn’t work:

Regarding your problem with blackouts on the CBS Sports App, assuming that you are using wifi instead of just a cell signal, you could look into something like SurfShark or another VPN provider.  They will allow you to “tunnel” to another IP location in another part of the country and then the CBS Sports App would think you’re at that other location and let you watch/listen to your game.

I’ve used this while traveling international when you cannot stream things like Netflix, etc.

• Randy T. is all over this problem as well:

We have Spectrum cable here in NE Kentucky. When faced with a similar situation (wanting to avoid having to “rent” another cable box for my patio TV), I determined which wireless device had the Spectrum TV app and bought that – for me it was Roku. Plug it into the HDMI port and use the USB port for power.

I think the Uverse App is available/compatible with all the major devices (Amazon Firestick, Roku, and Google ChromeCast). As an FYI, the Chromecast you have to pull it on your phone then cast it to the TV, so it can prevent watching and scrolling at the same time.

• Moving along, I got a call from a friend of mine who is traveling through the area in his RV with a plan to head into Canada at the Detroit crossing and then get back into the United States at Niagara Falls or maybe further north with an ultimate goal of checking out the northeastern U.S.

Uh, big problem, Matt. On Monday, Biden announced yet another nonessential travel restriction extension that will run through October 21.

It looks like Matt will have to build a new plan that includes the Ohio Turnpike. Thanks, Joe.

• LCatt thinks Wyoming is the leader in the clubhouse with the volume on its ‘F Joe Biden’ chant.

For a much smaller stadium, I think Wyoming was chanting louder than LSU.

• Remember the F-16 pilot, Sam S., who wrote in last week? I asked Sam about his history doing flyovers at sporting events. Here’s Sam’s career resume:

-Rangers Game, May 23, 2004. That was pretty cool, my girlfriend now wife was in the stands…I think the flyover sealed the deal!

-Baylor vs. Texas Tech; 2007 I think. I’m a Baylor grad so that was pretty cool, even though the bears got smoked!

I can’t think of many gigs more impressionable on a girlfriend than throwing a college football game-winning touchdown, completing seven scoreless innings of two-hit ball at the MLB level, and being the pilot of the F-16 flying over a sporting event.

A few years ago, I sat down to interview Goodyear Blimp pilots about the job and how well the resume works with the ladies. Let’s just say the Blimp pilots aren’t lacking in dates either.

Any other Screencaps readers out there with cool jobs I need to hear about? I know you guys think this is the coolest job and I’ve been very fortunate in life, but I’m sure there are some stories out there that need to be told.

Fire away.


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