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Technical difficulties this morning

Screencaps might seem a little light this morning, but that’s not because I didn’t get up early to pump out another edition. It’s because the original post is gone via some sort of saving error and the inability to get into post revisions, so you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.


• Chris writes:

It’s nice that our two teams are meeting in a series that means something in the standings. The Big Red Machine vs.The Orioles Way was a long time ago, but maybe we’ll see each other in the World Series again.

If you’re in Baltimore to visit, let me know and I can steer you to some nice places to go, and tell you the spots to avoid.


My memory is getting foggy, but I think the last time I was in Baltimore was the summer of 2004. Mike Tyson was fighting that night. My buddy and I saw Bonds play in Yankee Stadium earlier in the day and then watched the Tyson fight at some Inner Harbor bar.

I used to day trip into Baltimore a few times a year when I lived in Pennsylvania, but time sure is flying by. It’s crazy to think it’s been 19 years since the last time I was there. Is it still a war zone approximately 100 yards from the hotels just off the Inner Harbor?

BTW, need the Reds to stop the losing streak. Can’t be this streaky and make the playoffs, boys.

• Tim in Texas City, Texas writes:

From the outside looking in, it looks to me like the ’23 Reds are a lot like the ’17 and ’19 Astros (all scandals aside). Just a fun group to watch play the game like they really enjoy being out there every night. Baseball is much more enjoyable to watch on a daily basis when you can tell your team is having fun. Enjoy it Joe!

• Darren writes:

Let’s go O’s.

Is Idaho still conservative?

• Bill H. writes:

I used to love the Great Northwest. Had many visits there, hiking, sightseeing, restaurants… What I learned while there was that most residents east of the cascades can’t stand the dominant leftist politics of the eastern side of the mountains. Spokane was far more conservative than Seattle just as Pendleton was to Portland. 

There is a movement gaining traction for counties in Oregon to secede from that state to Idaho:

the Greater Idaho movement – the Greater Idaho movement

I guess if you don’t want to move yourself, just move the boundaries. 

I get where they are coming from.

Summer in France

• Ripcurl writes:

A quick note on the dog pooper scooper debate. Here in France, it seems many people don’t even bother to pick it up. When you are on a sidewalk in the city, you better look down, or you might be unhappy. When we pick up Sully’s poop, people actually smile at us.

It’s been hot down in SW France so we headed up to Brittany for the weekend and to cool off. Visited St Malo but there were way too many tourists to go inside. So we headed back to where we were staying in Cancale. Cancale is a great seaside town known for their oysters. Even though oysters are at their peak in months that end in the letter R, these were the best little boogers I have ever tasted. Not grainy at all.

They brought them from the beach right up to the restaurant

Here is the sole meuniere I had for dinner. Crazy good

This Friday we head to Burgundy for the month of July to get our wine on and to take in a couple of stages of the Tour de France. Will try to get some pictures for you without causing an international incident.

NBC Sports sucks and Olivia Casta is real

• John in SD writes;

John in SD writes:

“NASCAR on NBC SUCKS so bad.” I’ve come to the realization that everything NBC Sports touches, SUCKS!  They ruin every sporting event with poor commentary. 

“We could really use a new sport to give us some excitement in late June. What is that sport?”

Pickleball, nope!

Two men and two women (look close to the same age) in a pod together for one year? I’m over 50 and not mature enough to think this through!

Olivia Casta: she’s real. Quick google search

Who’s going through this amount of effort to create an AI bot? (If that link doesn’t work),boasts%20a%20significant%20fan%20following.&text=Olivia%20Casta%20has%20been%20passionate%20about%20modelling%20from%20a%20young%20age.

• Duncan N. in Georgia writes:

She has to be AI, thumbs don’t work like that! 

LAX travel parents report

• LSU fan Joe in Houston, TX writes:

My son is going into sixth grade and has played Lacrosse for 2.5 years.  He was a goalie, and is now a defender, so I switch sides of the field whenever they do while I’m watching.  I had a conversation with him at dinner Saturday night during the CWS to explain why I just clap or give a thumbs up when he or the D makes a good play, instead of trying to coach or screaming his name like my ex-wife does (in her defense, it’s benign, “Let’s go son!” sort of stuff, but she is loud).  I asked him about something he tended to do on defense during the weekend, and why he did it. 

He started explaining in LAX terms why he was doing it, and I stopped him and told him that’s exactly why I don’t yell at you, because I don’t know what the coaches asked you to do.  His reply made me proud, but sort of heart broken, “I wish more parents were like you.”  I don’t quote him to pump my ego, it was just raw and honest, and made me profoundly disappointed in humanity.

I stay the hell away from the other wannabe coaches/refs (parents yelling for kids to hit the back side, slide, take the top off, hit the five hole, shoot it, etc.)  Noise canceling headphones and podcasts don’t work, so I’m still relegated to standing about equal with the goal my kid is defending. 

Being a defender dad, I’m on the end of the field with the biggest, loudest douches of Lacrosse parents, the attack dads.  I’m getting even more angry thinking about the crap they’ve directed not just to their own kids, but to my kid’s defense over this season.  It is 1000% out of bounds for you to be yelling at your kid to attack a defender because he’s slow, etc., when that player can hear you.   

You are horrible people (not every attack parent, obviously, but there has been a heavy load of douche the last two weekends for me).  I thought parents coaching and playing ref were my biggest problem until yesterday’s (Sunday) matches in Austin. 

Because of where I stand on the field near the goal, I have a lot of visibility to stuff that is happening on other fields or on the sidelines, etc.  During the last match yesterday, I can tell there is a player scrum (of maybe 12-13 year olds, it was a 2029 team) on the field next to where my kid is playing.  There’s a sort of a pile of players, lots of whistles continually blowing. 

I look at the action on my field, and then glance back at the other field because whistles are still going, and there is a grown man in a cowboy hat on the ground cranking on a kid from the opposite team (again, probably 12-13, not a 17-year-old) like he’s wrestling a calf.  Then a woman charges out and lays the guy out after he released the kid.  Refs stand around discussing, event staff are brought in, both teams DQ’d after 10 minutes, and shockingly no cops are called.

I’ve seen plenty of attacks on refs in little league ball of all sorts via Outkick, but an adult going after a 12-13-year-old was stunning.  Of course, I don’t know if the kid the adult was wrestling was choking his kid with a stick, but wow.  They’re playing lacrosse, and kids, even of that age, can get checked into oblivion on the regular (as happened to my boy on Sunday.) 

I don’t know what drives a 40-ish-year-old to charge the field, let alone put hands on someone else’s kid.  Parents, the boiling pot of rage is something nearly all of you feed into on a team; it’s like LSU fans and Jello shots in Omaha, it becomes a self-sustaining process that never cools down, it only escalates.  You make each other, and the kids on your team, mirror your behavior and “passion.”  The kids that play against you, even pre-teens, are keenly aware of how you and your kids act.  Be better. 

• Kenn H. writes:

Congrats on the fun you and the team had at your all star game. You asked about a summer sport to break the monotony. Here’s my plug for Lacrosse it’s fringe I get it. It’s fast, physical and makes great tv. Currently, the world lacrosse championship is happening in San Diego and Team USA is on a heater! You also have the PLL on tv and the all-star game this summer in Louisville ( My kid has played since 3rd grade and heading into senior year high school). These dudes busting ass for Team USA on ESPN.

Pooper scooper drama is really heating up

• Now we hear from D’Ogee who happens to be in the poop business:

Hi see some of your TNML readers don’t believe in dog waste scoopers. Sorry to say, it’s how some people make a living. And the way the world is today, where there is a service for EVERYTHING… food, coffee, gas, auto repair, beer… many people choose to use this service due to a number of factors.

Too busy with kids, dislike handling it, unable to physically do it, and, yes even laziness (see previously mentioned services people pay for). We have many happy customers and as a fellow Screencaps reader, I’m here to support those fellow scoopers.

• Allen K. writes:

Wrong.  I’m an unapologetic capitalist.  If you can find a way to make cash, I’m all for it.

What we don’t like lazy MFrs who use pooper scooper companies (or maybe we don’t like people who have soooo much more discretionary cash than us plebs). 

Isn’t this the place that says ‘Do hard things’?  If picking up your dog’s doo is too hard, I (to use the kids’ vernacular) can’t even.

That’s it for this morning. That technical difficulty has me shook, so you get what you get this morning. I was actually very proud of the diversity of the IG models in the original post, because we had multiple continents covered.

I’ll do better tomorrow.

Take care.


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