Brian Urlacher, Once A Very Bald Man, Sues Hair Transplant Company For Using Likeness Without Permission

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Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher did have a hair transplant procedure done, but not by a Houston-based company that allegedly used his likeness without his permission. The Pro Football Hall of Famer is now suing the said company.

The lawsuit, filed in October, claims that Houston Hair Transplant Center used Urlacher’s personal story regarding his hair transplant on the company’s website.

“The post deceptively led potential patients to believe that Mr. Urlacher had an affiliation with, or received restoration treatment from, Defendant Houston Hair,” the lawsuit states.


Urlacher underwent a Follicular Unit Extraction by a company called Restore, which he is now a spokesperson for. He was first seen with a head of hair in January 2016 after being completely bald during his career in the NFL.

Brian Urlacher was very bald during his NFL career, and is now suing a hair transplant company. (Photo by Brian D. Kersey/Getty Images)

“I’ve only had this thick hair for about four months. I had the procedure done last November… It’s a great procedure… There are no cuts on your head, there are no scars on the back of my head,” Urlacher told WGN News in early 2016. “They take out one hair at a time and they remove it from the back and put it in the front, or wherever you need the hair.”

If you would have said 15 years ago that Urlacher, a once very bald man, would be in a legal battle over hair transplant companies nobody would have believed you, but here we are.

Written by Mark Harris

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