Brian Urlacher Puts Out One Of The Worst Takes On NBA Protests You Will See

NFL Hall of Famer and all-time Chicago Bear great Brian Urlacher just released into the world one of the most horrifically bad takes on NBA players protesting their games in the wake of the unrest in Wisconsin.

Urlacher posted the following, “Brett Favre played a MNF game the day his dad died, threw 4TDs in the first half, and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity.

NBA players boycott the playoffs because a dude reaching for a knife, waned on a felony sexual assault warrant, was shot by police.”

You read that correctly.

If you must see it in his own hand, here you go:

There is little doubt that he will be ratio’d on every platform that he elects to share those thoughts. He is also likely to take that down and make an apology. Both of those things are understandable.

While there was a rush to judgement and action after the initial video of the shooting — versus hardly any reversal of course following additional details coming out — it is not going to go over well in comparing Favre choosing to play in the face of personal tragedy versus a much larger, and broader conversation that is taking place.

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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s BLM 101, guys…that’s not a master class.
    And Jason’s trying to get the NBA players to walk before they can run.
    It’s not a class designed for us the Outkickers…it’s directed at pro athletes.
    If I’m wrong, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Likely to take it down and make an apology? Fine. How likely is his apology to be accepted?
    People have abandoned the second part of the apology process: forgiveness.
    That often says a lot more about the allegedly offended party than the initial offense says about whomever did the hurtful thing.
    The lesson, unfortunately, becomes “Don’t apologize. They’re only going to use it against you as an admission of guilt and sign of submission. You’re still going to get screwed by the mob.”

  3. Makes me like Brian U more. Hope he doesn’t apologize. He was correct minus misspelling word. Never alright to shoot someone in back that many times, that is the part I don’t get. I am sure the twitter mob will attack him. Crazy we are living in a time where you can’t share your personal opinion without getting attacked. #ALM

  4. It might be harsh, but I’m struggling to find what’s so bad about the man’s take. This reads like a hymn compared to the opposing statements on the other side, but Ulracher is out of line HERE? Please elaborate on your opinion further in case I’m missing something here.

  5. I agree Urlacher’s not the most eloquent guy. He’s also not the most intelligent (he once challenged Bas Rutten to “step outside”, back when Bas was in prime physical/fighting condition. Of course, Urlacher’s friends then told him it was a mistake and he apologized to Bas)…..But, I don’t see how Urlacher’s response is that bad. I personally think that if the NBA keeps promoting “systemic resisting of arrest”, then a lot more people will be killed needlessly; cops will be killed, children will be killed in lawless cities, and criminals who violently fight cops might be killed. As others have said, although it is tragic when any life is lost, cops have a dangerous job. Cops never know when someone is reaching for a gun or weapon. And in fact, after he finished wresting the cops, Jacob Blake did in fact have a knife right there on floorboard of his car.

  6. Honestly, was this a test of the Outkick emergency broadcast system? 😁 Is the Outkick audience’s BS sensor undergoing performance testing here? Was the site hacked? This reads like a take from ESPN. Are you foolin here? Come on now guys.

  7. He can be a buffoon at times, and not exactly eloquent, but why was this a “bad take”? It was actually a pretty brave take considering even Outkick, perhaps the last bastion of non-PC sports opinion, knocks it. It may make some emotionally fragile folks in the sports industry shudder, but nothing in it was factually wrong….or racist.

    Interesting that there is no name on this piece. Ironic as well.

  8. lol, this is one of the BEST takes so far, are you FUCKING kidding, ‘anonymous author’? These megarich athletes didn’t know who this THUG was that got killed [a child molester at that!] and they’re too ‘distressed’ to play?! Meanwhile Favre had actual personal tragedy that affected him and still played. It’s not AT ALL a leap. Whoever wrote this had to have been drunk. This is the kind of shit I’d expect from Yahoo or some rag like that.

  9. Bad take? No, wait — “horrifically bad.” Completely disagree.

    Maybe it was an imperfect comparison, but the larger point he was trying to convey is dead on: Farve chose to compete in the throes of real, personal tragedy; NBA players are engaged in woke performance theater and largely manufactured outrage over a stranger whose death, while a tragedy (as is the death of any human being, regardless of skin pigment), was largely caused by his own actions.

    I applaud Urlacher for having the courage to refuse to genuflect to the mob. Let’s hope he sticks to his guns and does not issue a Soviet-style apology like poor Drew Brees.

  10. Nothing wrong w what he said. The truth hurts i guess. I hope he does not apologize. He has every right to express his opinion. Fake news spinning a career criminal into a hero once again and the NBA rushing to pander and manipulate the situation. How about people get the whole story before they rush to about media collect all the info befpre they report fak e news propaganda. But that is not the way media works anymore. They report misinformation and push the false narrative of systemic racism. All in line with their marxist agenda. Nobody cares what the nba thinks. Nobody even watches the nba anymore.Nobody cares if they boycott and dont play. Lmao. Go broke woke bigots with your 1 million views in primetime. The other 329 million people in America dont give a shit about NBA players opinions on America. With their 6th grade level educations. I rather watch nba players on the show, Are you smarter than a 5th grader, lol, that would be entertainment.

  11. Urlacher is comparing apples and oranges. Not to mention making a false generalization.

    Let me help him fix it.

    “Brett Favre played a MNF game the day his dad died, threw 4TDs in the first half, and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity.”

    “Jusuf Nurkic played a play-in game the day his grandmother died of COVID-19, posted 22 points, 21 rebounds, six assists, two steals, two blocks, and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity.”


  12. eviscerating BE on his post is a second grader take on things; this writer misses the big picture and this is a disappointing outkick post that smells of social media emotion…it doesnt matter that I think this or feel this way, but i’m just saying i’m pretty deplorable

  13. Did Outkick get hacked? This article seems way out of step with the Outkick point of view.
    When the writer isn’t identified, we assume the content represents Outkick as a whole. Clay and Jason: As a VIP, I’m calling you out to justify this article to the majority of Outkickers who believe Brian Ulacher has a valid point. And what about the marketplace of ideas?

  14. Hate to be critical, but this may be the worst commentary I have yet seen on Outkick. Did a intern write this? From content, supposition, and grammar, not someone’s best effort. Even the reference to Whitlock’s columns comes across in an awkward fashion, and that’s hard to do!

  15. I have to say I am awfully proud of the outkick nation I see responding in the comments. You folks are not lemmings, you think for yourselves, you get it, and you know when to call BS on BS. I am truly proud. This really bad take produced something encouraging for me to see. 🤜

  16. Like many comments above, who is the “ghost” writer here? Despite this being the worst “take” of a “take” from OK, I am proud VIP member here and look forward to reading Clay’s book. OutKick, the best sports media company on the planet, keep up the great work (sans this crap, I stand with Urlacher), cheers!

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