Brian Urlacher Bashes Biden’s Lack Of Border Visits

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OutKick’s Dan Dakich welcomed Pro Football Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher on Thursday’s edition of Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich.

While there was obviously some football talk, the two also discussed politics. One particular topic was how the Biden administration has handled — or more accurately not handled — the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

Dakich asked Urlacher if he was offended by President Biden and Vice President Harris putting off trips to the southern border.

While he noted “offend” may not have been the right word, Urlacher said that it was.

Brian Urlacher discusses the Biden administration’s inaction at the southern border.

“They don’t care obviously,” Urlacher said. “‘Offend’ is a good word, because it’s important to me to keep our borders safe. I think it’s important to most Americans.

The Bears legend went on to say how the President won’t even answer questions about the ongoing crisis.

“He doesn’t answer questions about much unless it’s a set-up question. You see him up there speaking and right when someone asks him about the border he just turns around and walks off.

Harris doesn’t answer questions about it either. The lack of empathy and information they have about it — maybe they have information, they just don’t want to share it with us — is frustrating to watch.”

Urlacher also called out the Biden administration’s inaction on stopping human trafficking, which has turned into a more lucrative business for cartels than the drug trade.

“(Cartels) are making more money on trafficking than they are on drugs,” Urlacher said. “The migrants are easier to get across than the drugs are right now.

“In my mind, I’m thinking ‘how is the administration letting this go on? Are they making money off it as well? Are they partnering with the cartels to make money off these people coming across the border?’ Because if they weren’t they would stop it. They would put a stop to it and make sure these cartels stop making the money,” the Bears great said.

“And to put the people through what they’re going through — the migrants — it’s terrible,” he said. “It’s not good what’s been going on down there.”

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