Guy Called in and KO’ed Brian Stelter and CNN’s ‘300,000 Distortions of Truth’

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CNN’s Brian Stelter promoted his new book, Hoax, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Tuesday morning. In the process, a caller came in and wrecked Stelter and his employer, the opinion network CNN.

“You guys always talk about how many times Trump has lied,” the caller tells Stelter. “I have calculated that I think with your chyrons — I don’t know if there are any journalists left at CNN but I know that if I were to estimate, about 300 different distortions or misinformation that we get out of CNN and you have to watch them in the airport, which is harsh.”

(CNN is literally always playing in the airports.)

The caller continued: “But if you added all that up to 46 months, it comes out to be 300,000-plus distortions of truth.”

CNN gets crushed in total viewership, but that 300,000-plus number is tough to match. Have to give Zucker that one, no?

The man took one more shot at the author of a book on Fox News, “It hurts our great nation, and so CNN is really the enemy of the truth, and that’s my opinion, thank you.”

“No one is an enemy of another American,” Stelter pushed back. “No news outlet is an enemy of America.”

Anyway, Stelter said he was “grateful” for the call. Odd.

My big takeaway: Stelter’s lack of blinking rivals the Undertaker’s. I honestly thought the picture was frozen twice.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Great call in and made valid points but no surprise the cnn dude flew right over his head didn’t get it cnn has really been and become a propaganda machine not interested in any kind of balance or alternate view.

  2. Second term presidents freely use their political capital to crush their worst adversaries. Bush did it. Obama did it. And now Trump is certain to do it. His first target: CNN. Payback is hell.

  3. We really seem to be living in two different realities when yellow journalists like Brian Stelter think they are dealing in truth when they HAVE to know they are agents of the Democrat party and establishment politicians.

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