Brian Kelly Breaks Silence On Viral LSU Sex Rumors

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Brian Kelly crushed rumors spreading about the LSU football program.

Over the past couple days, rumors have been all over social media about coaches and players engaging in misconduct behind closed doors.

The rumors that went viral, which we won’t link to here, involve alleged sexual interactions between staffers and players. However, Brian Kelly wants everyone to know the rumors have no legitimacy.

Brian Kelly shoots down viral LSU sex rumors. (Photo by Joe Petro/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The LSU coach said the following after blowing out Purdue in the Citrus Bowl when asked if all the coaches are in “good standing,” according to Sports Illustrated:

Look, I hold our players to high standards, and they know that, and we have a high standard. We have a high standard. I’ve been in it for three decades. We have high standards for everybody that’s in our program, and that includes coaches and support staff and anybody that’s affiliated with this program. So they’re held to that highest of standard as well. There are no coaches or support staff that are currently with me that have done anything that would require me to feel as [if] they haven’t met the highest of standards that are required within our program.

Brian Kelly stomps out LSU sex rumors.

As stated above, OutKick won’t be linking to specific posts promoting the rumor of sexual interactions because there’s no proof any of it’s true.

Let’s be clear, there is zero proof of any kind to support rumors of LSU players and staff members engaging in sexual actions.

The rumors appeared seemingly out of thin air and then took off like wildfire. The situation generated so much attention that Brian Kelly felt the need to address it.

Brian Kelly discusses viral LSU sex rumors. He claimed none of it is true. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Rumors in the world of sports are super common. Some are true. Most aren’t. However, it’s very rare a coach or program official ever actually weighs in. That almost never happens.

The fact Brian Kelly did take a moment to shoot down the allegations is a sign of how much attention the situation ginned up.

Brian Kelly responds to viral LSU sex rumors. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Welcome to the world of college football, folks. One day, a viral sex rumor dominates the web, and the next Brian Kelly actually has to discuss. What a crazy sport.

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  1. In the very very partisan worlds of Sports and Politics … “people” will immediately believe ANYTHING negative about a sports program , player, coach, politician etc that they dislike. Doesn’t matter How Outrageous the “rumor”.
    I saw this first hand for many years with “Duke’s Coach K” . Social media is the perfect petrie dish for spreading outlandish rumors and insinuations. …. Yes, some are indeed true … many/most are not … A sad reflection on or society.

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