Brian Flores’ Criticism Of Texans’ Lovie Smith Hire Just Plain Silly

Lovie Smith is the new head coach of the Houston Texans, and it appears Brian Flores doesn’t like it. With some of the things Flores and his legal team have asserted lately, that’s not necessarily a surprise.

Flores, of course, recently filed a lawsuit against three NFL teams for alleged racial discrimination. He was reportedly one of three finalists for the Texans job after the suit. But the job went to Smith, another qualified black coach, and now Flores’ legal team has released another statement.

This one congratulated Smith for landing the gig, but claimed that the only reason Smith got the job was because of Flores’ discrimination suit. Basically, Flores’ reps want you to believe he’s an outcast now because he blew the whistle.

“Mr. Flores is happy to hear that the Texans have hired a black head coach, Lovie Smith, as Mr. Flores’ goal in bringing his case is to provide real opportunities for black and minority candidates to be considered for coaching and executive positions in the NFL,” the statement read. “However, we would be remiss not to mention that Mr. Flores was one of three finalists for the Texans’ head coach position, and after a great interview and mutual interest, it is obvious that the only reason Mr. Flores was not selected was his decision to stand against racial inequality across the NFL.”

Well, actually, that’s probably not the only reason. For one, Smith has extensive experience as a head coach — as in, 11 years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears combined (89-87 record, 2004-15). Smith also spent last season as the Texans’ associate head coach under former head coach David Culley, who has since been fired. So Smith is already familiar to the organization.

As OutKick founder Clay Travis said, this is just a bad look for Flores, who really does seem like a quality coach. After all, his Miami Dolphins finished 9-8 this past season after a 1-7 start. It was indeed strange that the Dolphins decided to make a coaching change, but they insist it had nothing to do with Flores’ race.

It’s hard to argue with that because teams fire coaches for dumb reasons all the time. Coaches generally are the fall guy when their team fails to make the playoffs. Fair or not, that’s just the way in goes in the whacky world of pro sports.

Also, keep in mind that no one came out and said Flores was one of thee finalists. That was based on word from a reporter who doesn’t exactly have a reputation for accurate exclusives.

Does Flores have a right to be mad that he was fired by the Dolphins and didn’t get the Texans job? Yes and yes. Of course he does.

But Clay is right. Congratulating Smith while condemning the Texans is just a bad look. And maybe before Flores goes any further in trying to find his next job, he should start looking for his next legal team.

“Did no one tell Flores that suing the NFL was unlikely to help him get a job in the NFL?” Clay asked. “How many people hire people who file lawsuits against them? Flores really got awful legal advice. He should be suing his lawyers instead of the NFL. They cost him tens of millions of dollars.”

Houston is allowed to hire whoever it wants for the job, and it clearly felt Smith was the best candidate. By demeaning the Texans, Flores’ representatives are demeaning Smith. And that’s the opposite of what Flores is supposedly hoping to accomplish.

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Written by Sam Amico

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  1. Brian Flores is butt hurt because he got shit canned. He found a group of lawyers who would file a discrimination suit because the law firm wanted street cred. Now Flores won’t coach again. Horrible legal advice and horrible decision by Flores. People of all races, religions, both genders, etc, get fired every day. Not every firing or non-hiring is because someone is a different color. Stop seeing race in everything you racists.

  2. Talk about never being a Head Coach again, how could any organization ever trust him again? He will reveal your private emails, talk about private meetings, accuse you of racism if you fire him, and possibly reveal private team strategies if you fire him, and then blame it on racism. Even if he was a good Coach, the risk totally outweighs the potential benefits. Its clear he could destroy an entire organization maybe even a league. Just can’t trust this guy. Toxic now. Adios

  3. This was an inexplicable mistake by Flores’ legal team. As this goes on more and more, the lawsuit may have merit to some aspects of how the NFL selects its coaches, but the leftist media seems to be the catalyst behind driving this discussion to the level where we are moving to a new Emancipation Proclamation against the NFL slave owners and the freedom of their workers. (Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, when Flores was fired by Miami, were absolutely ridiculous. Flores was let go by the owner and the Black GM of the team.) Flores should stop watching most of the sports talking heads and probably just drop the suit altogether now. A very bad move here.

  4. Whenever a high profile black person in sports / entertainment / politics says something incredibly STOOPID it is OK per the News/Sports media because “they are … well you know kinda _____ … so anyway they can’t help it … bless their hearts.” ?????

  5. “So I wasn’t hired because of my stand against racial inequity when I was clearly the best candidate but they hired another black man which proves my point.” Uh, right. Having worked for large companies most of my life nobody will touch a litigious person. This guy is a narcissist and will never work again.

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