‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox Slams ‘Woke Culture’ As ‘Truly Awful’

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“Succession” star Brian Cox has no interest in appeasing the woke mob.

Wokeness is a virus that has been infecting seemingly every part of life in America and other parts of the western world.

It’s so bad in America that MSNBC recently tweeted an article that suggested being in shape means you are similar to Nazis and white supremacists.

The woke mob and the ideas it pushes are absolutely insane.

Brian Cox speaks out against the woke mob.

Well, Brian Cox has had enough, and is speaking out. Not only does he think wokeness is awful, but he also thinks shaming people is wrong.

“The whole woke culture is truly awful…And I don’t know where [shaming culture] comes from.Who are the arbiters of this shaming? It’s very hard to pin them down and it turns out it’s usually a bunch of millennials,” Cox said during an interview with Piers Morgan.

This was a very Logan Roy moment from the “Succession” star. You think Logan Roy would have put up with any woke nonsense?

Absolutely not. Not one bit, and neither will Brian Cox. Good for him. We need more and more people speaking up against woke insanity.

Most people are too terrified to say anything. They might fear losing their job and reputation. Most people stay silent or embrace it. OutKick will always take a stand, and it’s why we’re booming while ESPN is failing.

Brian Cox doesn’t like “woke culture.” He called it “truly awful.” (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Wokeness is a dangerous mind virus.

Hell, Megan Rapinoe blamed Dave Chappelle, comedy and Sage Steele for violence against trans people. Yet, she couldn’t cite a single example.

Did people at ESPN rush to Steele’s defense against the unprompted attack? Outside of Sam Ponder, it was pretty silent.

Fortunately, it does appear the tide is shifting. Whether it’s people standing up against biological men ruining women’s sports or pushing back against the idea working out makes you racist, people have had enough.

They’re sick and tired of wokeness destroying and ruining everything.

Let’s hope more people join OutKick, Bill Maher, Brian Cox and everyone else refusing to reject sanity. It’s what the world needs.

Written by David Hookstead

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