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Tuesday was all about taking care of business at the doctor’s office to make sure I’m at full strength as the temps rise into the 60s next week and maybe, just maybe, hit 70 around here. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely not. Did it throw a wrench into the content groove I’d been on? Yes. Is it best to take care of the medicals in March so I’m not dealing with that garbage during golf season? You know it.

The doctor cut on me a little bit, sewed me up, told me to have a good day, and the first thing I asked him is if I had to be careful with range of motion. The golf swing, doc. It’s a well-oiled machine that can take the score into the mid-90s from time to time. He said something about, “Will courses even be open?” Uh, I watch the weather forecast like a hawk and went into that office knowing the 60s are coming. After quickly giving him the upcoming weather report, he stopped to think about the range of motion question and said I should be just fine, but that I shouldn’t try to set any World Long Drive records.

10-4, doc. “No offense, but I hope to never see you again,” I said as he was walking out. And with that, we’re back to full strength today and there’s so much to dig into.

• If you were looking for an injection of March Madness, you got a shot of it Tuesday night out of the Horizon League tournament. Three quarterfinal games went to OT, including a wild triple OT affair between the No. 1 seed Cleveland State and No. 10 seed Fort Wayne. CSU eventually pulled away in the third overtime and won 108-104. Fort Wayne entered with just eight wins.

• Those of you hoping for Duke to miss the tournament got some help with Coach K’s team losing at Georgia Tech. That said, the Blue Devils are a win over UNC Saturday away from clinching a spot. Trust me. The committee will say it was a difficult year and Duke played well enough down the stretch to get a tourney bid. You watch.

• Here’s something interesting from Wired. If a head is translated to another human, does its consciousness transfer to the new human? That should keep you busy, if the college basketball slate doesn’t interest you later this evening.

• And finally this morning, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that Roblox expects revenues to double in its first quarter. The company expects revenue to come in between $320-$335 million. The kids couldn’t go to school, so they sat in front of a computer and played Roblox. Wait until future generations read about this in history books on their devices.

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